Choosing the right foundation for your self is a difficult task. So today I am planning to make that more simple and easy for you. As we all know foundation is used to cover up the skin flaws like blemishes dark spots etc. to give you a smooth base for makeup.

Let me introduce to you the different types of foundations first.
Liquid Foundation: Liquid foundation is used for day make-up and is applied using fingertips and damp sponge.
Cream Foundation: Cream foundation is heavier than liquid foundation is used for covering blemishes etc. on face. They provide better coverage than liquid foundations.

Pancake or Solid foundation: Pancake or solid foundation is not at all suitable for day makeup as it gives a highly made up and unnatural look. This is the heaviest one. It is suitable for photography etc. that use lighting effects.

How to choose the right foundation??
It is a challenging job to find the right foundation for you. You need to choose the right foundation based on your skin type and skin color. The most important thing which is to be kept in mind while choosing the right foundation is that it should match your natural skin tone and color as closely as possible.
Cream based foundation is suitable for dry skin. If you are planning for a special evening then you should go for a tinted liquid foundation which gives a uniform and even texture to your skin.  If you have oily skin then you should use oil free water based foundation. Water based foundation dries up very quickly.
To avoid artificial look you should choose the shade which matches your actual skin color. One shade lighter or darker will do but more variation will give a very artificial look. The shade of foundation you choose should match the darkest part of your face. Most girls think that light shade foundation would make them look fairer, on the contrary it gives a very painted look.
Always test foundation shades on your forehead by putting dots of different shades. Never test the shades on your wrist. Different shades should be tested in natural right not in artificial light. Foundation should never be applied on stale make up.    


How to apply foundation the right way??
It is wrong to believe that more make up will make you look beautiful. The natural look is always the most beautiful look. That perfect and natural look can be achieved with minimal make up. Every girl is endowed with her own special feature. All you need to do is that you should highlight your special or best feature and conceal your flaws.

Foundations are used to even out your skin texture and skin tone. It also protects you from pollution. In the evening out you can go for a glamorous look. In the day time it is apt to use natural and light foundation. Even if you have normal skin, you still require using foundation to cover patches and uneven skin tone. Your face should be properly cleansed before applying foundation. In case you have oily skin then you should use astringent after cleansing your face followed by some light moisturizer before applying foundation. If you have dry skin then you can skip the astringent part and should apply moisturizer before applying foundation. Before applying foundation make it a point to remove the excess moisturizer from face by using tissue.


In case you are using a cream based moisturizer you need not apply the concealer as the foundation does all that what a concealer is supposed to do. You should first take the required quantity of foundation on your palm. Then dot foundation all over your face and neck area. Blend all the dots with small circular movements start across the forehead and blend downwards away from hairline. Move down towards the cheek to the ear and cover the chin and the neck area. Repeat the same thing on the other side of the face. In the end do your browbone and your nose. Blend the foundation thoroughly with your finger tips or with cosmetic sponge.

Certain points which are to be taken care of:
You should be very careful while applying the foundation on the eye area. If not done carefully it can give a wrinkled look. Use a very little foundation on the eye area. Raise your eyebrows and apply the foundation downwards towards the eye lashes.
It is very important to blend the foundation properly before applying the compact powder.
You should always work the foundation in one direction.
Always use upward and outward movements while smoothing the foundation.
It is advised to use foundation sparingly which is just enough to smoothen gently. Remember that you are not supposed to deposit a thick layer of foundation on your skin.
Be very careful while applying foundation on the hair line. Never neglect throat and the area behind your ear.


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