Some people might find this thing of gaining weight as useless as already they are overweight. Generally all people everywhere search for ways to lose fat. It might seem exaggerating to them but gaining weight the correct way is the real challenge and equally difficult. I know all you people have tried a lot of things, from eating all the crazy stuff that comes your way to trying some supplements. Some of you would have wanted to take some gainers and before that you have googled this topic . But whatever be it, I will tell you the ways you can attain a filled body with the curves you want and not the unwanted excess tummy fat. All the people you generally seek advice for gaining weight would suggest you to eat like a monster which makes you fat. But I am sure that’s not what you would want. All of those who are skinny or who just want a little more curves at the right places after I finish you will exactly know your plan. I will share with you a small 2 step


The first in the two step strategy is the most important and the most suggested. This is the only thing that people suggest. Well they tell you to eat everything, but I will ask you not to eat each and everything. Not to take away the fact that you need to gain weight thus you can eat whatever that you want, but that does’t mean you have a whole lot of trans and unsaturated fat. It’s a big No No. Even if you have it in huge amount and even gain weight, you will then work hard to lose it, so no point in increasing you weight and then reducing it. You need to focus on having a lot of veggies and protein rich food. As protein rich food will increase your muscles and bring the wanted filling in your body. Have as much as you want of these foods. A fried meal is not banned, but don’t have it for the sake of attaining useless fat. You can have as much of these foods as you want:

  1. Cottage cheeseTOP-5-VEGETARIAN-PROTEIN-RICH-FOOD-NO-MEAT-DIET-cottage-cheese-paneer
  2. Whole eggsdandruff-home-remedies-3-beaten-egg-beautyandfashionfreaks1
  3. Vegetables and fruitsgreen-vegetables-anit-ageing
  5. Chickenchicken-gain-weight

Plus to add to these protein rich food items, you must also increase your carbohydrates intake per day. You can have lots of rice, bananas, wheat, oats, and many other carbohydrate rich foods as they will help you gain weight.


As I have made it clear already, that you are skinny now, you want to add up some bulk but you don’t want to gain excess of unwanted fat. So eating right is to be accompanied by exercising regularly. Come out of the myth that you are already lean you don’t need to hit the gym. Trust me you do. Gym is not for fat bums. It is for body lovers. You want some filling?? Do it the right way! Hit the gym along with the diet. Have the diet rich in the above mentioned items and it will inject you with huge amount of energy, some of which you can spend in the gym for better and faster results. You will not only gain weight faster but do it in a sustained and desirable way.  Not to say you cannot gain weight without going to gym but if you do that, it will be a waste of your efforts as you might end up looking filled but not the way you liked it. In the gym, focus on the areas you want to gain bulk. For example no one wants bulk on the abdomen, so make the routine accordingly.


Lifting weights not only gives you strength but also increases your body mass. These are the two hands that will result in the clap of weight gain. Yes it is as easy as it reads. Just increase your diet gradually and not overnight. This process need to be gradual and focused on the correct strategy, else I have seen some lazy bums who were too skinny once and now are sweating it out in the gym for a slimmer look. I hope this will be of some help to you. Looking forward to reading your experiences. Till then chaos, stay fit, exercise hard…!

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How To Gain Weight The Right Way

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