Every woman is attractive and beautiful in her own little ways and there is no doubt about that. Whether it may be because of her dress up or her attitude, the attractiveness flows from one aspect to another. However, society has been so judgmental enough that most ladies and women find themselves not attractive enough in some ways. Although there are no truths behind these judgments, a lot of women today are becoming more excessively insecure with the way they look and feel about their selves.

Sadly enough, it has already become a norm that in order to be beautiful and attractive, she has to wear a few layers of make-up to conceal the “flaws” perfectly. Even so, science states otherwise.

As mentioned, every woman is already beautiful in her own natural ways. Even without wearing make-ups and having cosmetic surgeries, there is already a natural beauty that lies within. And to further enhance this beauty, there are a few things that are found to be very helpful in making a lady more attractive and science can truly attest to these things.

1. Shiny White Teeth

Having shiny white teeth is not only for cosmetic purposes. It’s not even only about having those bright and vivid photos due to having a stunning set of teeth. Apparently, it has been found that a woman with shiny white teeth attracts and draws attention because it shows her neat and hygienic side. And who does not find a clean and neat person attractive, right?

Some people have shiny white teeth since birth. Others, however, come to experience having not so white teeth due to many reasons. For one, permanent teeth may have discoloration as they age which is perfectly normal. Accordingly, this is why a lot of women have routines for teeth whitening at home.

Even so, this is not to say that not having a shiny and white set of teeth is already unattractive. It only shows that having shiny white teeth increase the chance of letting other people see you as a neat and clean person inside and out.

2. Red Lips

According to recent psychology studies, it has been found that ladies having red lips are pretty attractive for both men and women. For some reason, it uplifts the face unintentionally that it gives the total expression of attractiveness and beauty. So, not only red lips can improve the way your lips look, but it also adds attractiveness to the whole face.

In recent years, you would see models and artists today just wear red lipstick on their bare faces when going out for a quick grab of food or grocery. And this is all because it makes a woman more attractive even without the need to put on full coverage of make-up.

3. Higher Voice

Attractiveness and beauty do not only rely on physical appearance. In fact, there are studies that prove that there is beauty in one’s voice too. And according to the results, the higher the pitch then the more attractive it is.

Although this is pretty debatable for some, it is still known that having a higher pitch of voice attracts other people. For some unforeseeable reasons, higher tones and pitches of voice are almost always linked to women’s characteristics. So, if you are shy or worrying about those high pitches, then don’t. Start loving it and flaunt it!

4. Brunette Beauty

All skin tones and colors are beautiful. And the same thing is true for hair colors. Whether it may be blonde or brown, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. But even so, it has been found that more women prefer to have a brunette beauty since it’s catchier and more head-turner when in public.

Psychologists and specialists alike suggest that having a darker hair color emphasizes more the glow of the face and skin. And this glow enhances further the beauty and attractiveness of the overall look and vibe. Also, in a color-matching perspective, darker tones are much easier to complement with various colors. Whether choosing a light-colored dress and make-up or a much darker one, brunettes always make it look like it’s so easy to mix and match.

5. Less Makeup

Some women tend to think that having no make-up is a big no-no when going out. Although make-ups and other cosmetic products highlights and enhances the beauty of a woman’s face, having too much of it – all the time – is not really attractive.

The truth is – people are more attracted to women who can carry themselves even without make-up. It adds to the overall attractiveness and beauty since a bare face speaks more beauty volume than having layers of foundation and mascara in it.

6. Longer Arms

In a study conducted a few years ago, it has been widely made known that having a longer arm is much more than a ratio. While possessing a proportional body and figure is attractive enough, some cases state otherwise.

In reference to these studies, the scholars went on sharing that the waist-to-hip ratio is the most attractive aspect in a woman’s body. In fact, it has been an indicator of a woman’s overall health and youth. But while the waist-to-hip ratio is already common knowledge, the studies add that longer arms complement well these ratios. And this adds more attractiveness in the overall appearance of the body.

7. Confidence

Lastly, but definitely not the least, in fact, this is even the first thing that every woman should consider – the confidence of a woman. By and large, confidence is the biggest factor that makes up the attractiveness and beauty of a person. When you are confident enough with the way you look and the way you feel, you would not care about others’ opinions at all.

By simply being confident about yourself, you already express the natural beauty that is truly within you. And this is definitely the most attractive of all.

Now, it may be difficult for some to take these things by heart. And although these 7 things are scientifically proven to enhance a woman’s attractiveness and beauty, still, nothing beats the attractiveness and beauty of a passionate, confident, and happy woman.

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