If I asked you what’s your favourite outfit to wear during winter, I am sure many of you would reply saying either it’s a sweatshirt or a sweater paired with jeans. But it is indeed true that winter is synonymous with these terms.

If you’ve thought that winter does not provide you with enough options for traditional wear and a bit funkiness, then you’re totally wrong. We’re glad that we now have new varieties to spice up winters. Have you heard about winter kurta and leggings? Or winter tights? Yes, that’s totally a thing!

These clothing are made specially for winters to keep you warm. Their fabric also includes wool and other insulating materials. They are best for this season as it not only looks fashionable but is comfortable too.

You can have your pick from the many winter collections for women that are online. You can select based on the different styles and designs available.

Here are a few trendy designs that are available online for women kurta and bottom-wear in winter collections…



Prints add various elements to the kurta. Different prints and patterns look amazing. Be it geometrical, traditional, floral or any print; your kurta will pop up against these prints.



The mandarin neck or collar is the upright-standing neck collar style which is pretty much liked by everyone. This style looks classy and edgy.



The round neck is the simplest and sweetest style. The kurta is made up of wool which feels extremely cosy. You can try different styles here and pair it with different hairdos and accessories.



Cardigans are the best to add some glamour and style to your outfit. An extra layer on your outfit definitely looks good in winter. If you’re looking for a winter outerwear, then cardigans can be your thing.


Jackets look cool, don’t they? Especially when it’s winter. Jackets up to knee-length are available online that are best suited for this season and can be easily paired with a leggings. Opt for a jacket when you want to look simple yet cool.


These are one such winter bottom-wears that you can pair with almost any upper-wear. Imagine how comfortable your legs would feel against the woollen fabric of these leggings! Leggings are an evergreen bottom-wear irrespective of what season it is.



Palazzos have been trending everywhere since a while. So let’s not forget them during winters as well. Pair your palazzos with winter kurtas along with cardigans to get the perfect look.


A shawl is the best addition that you can make to your wardrobe. If an online women’s winter wear collection does not include a shawl, then what’s it worth for? One can channel their inner goddess by wrapping a shawl and that too in enumerable styles. This outerwear not only protects your upper body from the winds but also helps you to stick to the winter dressing theme.


If you need something more firm and athletic, then we have the winter tights that would not fail you on any occasion. Also, these are best for formal wear.

So here are the best picks for this season that one must surely include in their wardrobe. You can easily find these winter collection for women online. Put on the correct pairs along with some light makeup and winter essentials and you’re ready to get going.

Indulge the fashionista within you and be warm and protected.

Happy winters!


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