If you have recently had a loved one or a friend getting engaged or married, you must have probably heard about the newest trend in weddings accessories, The Morganite wedding and engagement rings. For a long time, diamonds have dominated the weddings scene as the all-time sought-after ring to present to your loved ones and finally seal the deal. Well this has been changing significantly in the past few years after Morganite engagement rings have been introduced to the market and there are plenty of reasons why it has been gaining popularity.

Morganite is a semi-precious stone that comes in different shades of pink and salmon colors, with rose pink being the most popular color of all. Another great feature about Morganite is that its durable, has a high degree of clarity and can be cut into different shapes while maintaining its integrity and elegance. As in the case with most precious stones, Morganite has its own lore and spiritual significance such as compassion, commitment and it symbolizes divine love. According to a survey conducted by The Knot in 2017, Morganite is the second most popular precious stone after Sapphire, however, it does not carry the same price tag as diamonds and other expensive stones out there in the market. One carat of diamond costs approximately 2000$, while Morganite costs around 300$. There are many morganite engagement rings under $500 at BBBEGM,This huge price difference makes it a popular choice amongst the younger generations that can’t afford the ridiculous cost of diamond rings.

One of the main concerns that shoppers have when it comes to buying Morganite wedding or engagement rings is that they fear it won’t last as long as diamond, and that investing in any other stone could be a waste of money. Well, no need to worry then, because Morganites durability and high tensile strength means that it will last for a very long time and even though its slightly softer than diamonds, the trade in between a slightly softer stone versus the huge price difference means it’s worth thinking about it as an alternative. Some even consider pairing Morganite with smaller pieces of diamonds to elevate the value of the engagement or wedding ring.

Now that we have discussed why Morganite is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to diamond when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, let’s talk about the latest trends of 2019 and maybe help you or a loved one decide on an everlasting ring of love and commitment. As we mentioned before, Morganite comes in rosy pink and peach salmon shades which makes it pair beautifully with rose gold Morganite wedding set and engagement rings. The most popular designs are a bezel basket or six prongs setting with smaller diamonds decorating the outer rim if you feel like enhancing it a bit. Another good aesthetic feature of Morganite is that it does not have to pair only with rose gold rings, but it’s equally beautiful when paired with white or yellow gold rings. The most popular Morganite cuts for 2019 are the cushion cut and the round solitaire, while rose gold seems to be the crowds favorite as a ring pairing.


The next time a loved one, a friend, or even you decide to buy the ring of the lifetime, make sure to give Morganite engagement and wedding rings a look. We are confident you will find the right ring for you, at a much lower cost that can help you save money enough for a honeymoon upgrade that you and your partner deserve.


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The Most Popular Morganite Cuts For 2019

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