Many a times we associate  beauty with long and shiny hair. I guess most of you would agree. If you have long hair without having any hair problem then you must be a lucky one! There are so many hairstyles which are prevalent from long time and are extremely suitable and go very well with long hair. Being an Indian I have got many nuskha’s or say grandmom tips from my grand maa. But I have never had good long hair so that I can flaunt these styles L.  

But if you have long hair or aspire to have, then this post is especially for you. In this post I have compiled few hairstyles which you can easily make up at home without much trouble. So without wasting much time further check out these hairstyles here.


Classic Loose curls:


Wanna go for a pool party or a casual day out with friends? Opt for this classic loose curls look.


Classic Long Curls:


This hairstyle goes so beautiful with long hair woman. This looks amazingly stylish and so sensual.


Classic Puffy Curls:



For a wonderful retro look you can opt for this amazing classic hairdo. This is a beautiful hairstyle followed by beautiful curls trailing down the length of hair.


Classic Long Beautiful Braids:


I absolutely love this hairstyle. It doesn’t take much of time and look absolutely stylish. There are many variations of braid hairstyle such as classic braid, fishtail braid, French braid, normal braid, mermaid braid, reverse braid and crown braid etc..huff what an amazing variation this hairstyle offers, completely a thumbs up.


Classic Straight Locks:


This hairstyle is simply bang on. This is a dream of every woman to have long straight shiny hair. This hairstyle never goes out of fashion and this one is simply a must try hairstyle for long haired women, you can never go wrong with this one.


Classic Ponytail:


How can I forget classic pony tail? It’s one of my favourite, I absolutely love flaunting this. This one is a very classy, elegant, and easy to do hairstyle. It can be worn at office, at any day party or also in any night function, anyone who wants to play safe, should go with it.
So girls, which one is your favourite?

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6 Beautiful Classic Hair Styles For Long Hair

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