I have always been inclined towards arts! Since childhood I wanted to pursue my career in fine arts but however I choose commerce stream so that it would make me more employable. Last year I have started my fine art blog (www.fineartandyou.com) where I share my thoughts on fine arts, share famous artists works, photography, sculpture etccccc.  One year has passed and the journey has been so beautiful, I must say extremely beautiful 🙂 :).  

It always gives me a real pleasure to share something artistic and creative. So today, I have decided to share something related to design and art JAnd for our beauty and fashion blog, nothing can be more exciting than sharing nail art designs, Right? 
You guys know that nail design has recently become an unstoppable and much sort after trend, which definitely is an art which requires innovative thinking and there are some kind of rules and guidelines that gives a huge scope for innovation. In modern times nails have become a canvas for people to show their creativity. If you could add a touch of acrylic gel into your nail art then you can definitely make out something extraordinary creative!
Before starting to experiment with nail art, it’s a wise thought to opt for some sort of professional advice. If you follow some well proven guidelines with regards to nail paint then you will definitely be able to put beautiful 3D compositions by using different materials. Though it will take some time to learn basics of nail art. But remember “practice makes the man perfect”  😉 and we girls are no exception 😉
You can try out water marble, decoration, ready to go kit ideas to pop up your nails. Always remember that you need a bit of time to learn this art but this will definitely let you show off your real self to the world and express your emotions.
In this post I have compiled some nail art pictures for your inspiration, hope you will like and try these out and make out your own unique masterpieces.

 So, which one you like the most?

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30 Beautiful Nail Art Designs You Will Love For Sure!

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