Itchy, flaking, dry, and red skin are all part of the cold winter months, but they don’t have to cause you issues this season. There are many different ways to avoid the effects of the cold weather on your skin. And most are easy to implement and keep doing throughout the long winter.

First, check out for information on all things beauty. Then read further for 6 tips to protect your skin when the weather gets cold.

1. Continue to use an SPF

Many women feel they don’t need to use an SPF cream during the long winter months. However, you need to continue to use an SPF every day of the year. The sun’s damaging rays can and will break through even the coldest and darkest days.

Protecting your exposed skin with an SPF lotion is easy and best for the long and cold winter days. Even if you are only going to be outdoors for a few moments, it is best to be protected from the sun.

2. Stay Hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated by drinking more water will help to keep dry skin at bay. Most people do not drink as much water during the colder months. This causes the dry, flaky skin to emerge, annoy and stay for the season.

If cold water is not your taste, try herbal teas, which are hydrating and delicious during the cold weather months. Aim for eight ounce glasses of water and hot teas per day, just like in the warmer weather months.

3. Turn Down The Heat

It may be tempting to take a hot shower each morning, but when you do, you are stripping your skin of much-needed moisture. Try taking a warm shower or bath in the evening to avoid going out in the cold with damp skin.

You may also want to switch to a moisturizing or hydrating body wash to help keep moisture in your skin.

4. Invest in a Humidifier

A humidifier will add moisture to the dry air that is produced in your home when you use central heat or other types of heaters. Your skin needs extra moisture in the winter months and a humidifier will provide that by putting moisture in the air.

Just be careful with a humidifier and make sure you change the water as often as the manufacturer’s directions tell you to. This will keep the appliance clean as well as keep the air clean and healthy.

5. Switch Laundry Soaps

In the long winter months, you may want to switch your laundry soap for one with no fragrances. You could also use one that contains no dyes or other irritants. Having clean, soft and non-irritating clothing against your skin will help keep your skin soft and not itchy.

You should begin your winter skin routine as soon as the leaves start to turn colors and the air begins to become crisp. Do not wait until the first cold snap. Treat your skin with kindness now.


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