Our eyes are one of the most beautiful and appealing part of our face. Though the type, size and beauty of our eyes are determined genetically, but with some clever makeup we can always create an illusion of beautiful, bigger eyes.  

Especially the girls like me who have small eyes and want to make them look bigger need to know the ways by which we can make our eyes appear bigger.This time I am going to share some tips which will surely help you in making your eyes appear bigger. I have many times applied these tips on my eyes and believe me I wasn’t disappointed at all, in fact by practising these tricks I have always managed to make my eyes look bigger and more beautiful. So girls! Here come the tips:

Tip 1: Use white eye shadow and eye pencil

The best tip from any good makeup artist is to use a white eye shadow or use a white eye pencil near the tear duct. This will give an illusion of a bigger white part of your eyes and thus making your eyes look bigger and opened up.


Tip 2: Conceal the under eye dark circles

 It’s very important to conceal the under eye circles with a good concealer. Though this trick may not be very helpful in making your eyes look bigger but your eyes will definitely look much beautiful and no one will be distracted to the ugly looking under eye dark circles.


Tip 3: Groom your eyebrows

One of the very important steps related to the beauty of your eyes is to start grooming your eyebrows. Any unkempt and bad shade eyebrow and hair on your forehead makes your eyes and face look completely messy.


Tip 4: Shape your eyebrows bold

Shape up your eyebrows a bit bold to take it limelight, which will in turn make your eyes look bigger, beautiful and to die for. Opt for that shape and style which makes your eyes look bigger and suites your face shape.

Tip 5: Use Nude pencil above your kajal

This nude shade will for sure make your eyes look bigger. It happens sometimes that white eye pencil does not look that much natural but if you switch to using nude color pencil on our eyes then they look very beautiful just like Bollywood legendary actress “Rekha”. So a nude eye pencil is a must have in your eye makeup kit.


Tip 6: Don’t overdo the eyeliner

Excess use of eyeliner will ruin your eye beauty. While you are lining the eyes, do not make a full circle around your eyes with black eyeliner.


Tip 7: Reduce the eye puffiness

Tired and puffed eye look makes you look really ugly. To get rid of this puffy and out of bed look and try some quick fixes and tips such as taking good sleep, washing face with cold water often etc. For finding out the effective ways to get rid of eye puffiness click here.


Tip 8: Apply eye lash curler and mascara

Always use eye lash curler to curl your eyelids so that they get a good volume. You can also apply 2-3 layers of mascara on your eyelids. This will surely make your eyes appear bigger and beautiful.
Friends! Hope all these tips have helped you in making your eyes appear bigger and beautiful. In case you have any other tips in your mind you can share below in the comments section. Have a great day ahead 🙂
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