Hi girlis! Hope you are enjoying the day to the fullest. Today i was going out to my friends b’day party and when i pull out my makeup kit, i found that one of my favorite lipstick got expired and even my eye shadow kit was broken. Oh no, what a waste! i should have used my favorite lipstick much often but my love for that was so intense that i used to ignore its application many times so that it would run for long time but i got my self fooled when i did not worry about getting it expired :'( and moreover what about my broken eye shadow? I was really sad and wanted to cancel the party. But then i thought that these expired and broken products may be used for some other purpose. However i did not cancel the party, went and enjoy. Actually nothing can be better than enjoy with friends on a birthday party and getting free dinner ;). After coming back home I sat on my lappy, surfed the net and found out few ways that would help us girls to re-use our beauty products. So today i have come up with this post which will help you to find out that how to re-use your beauty bargains. I hope this could be of immense help to you 🙂
Lipsticks: When you got to the bottom of the lipstick, scoop out what is left with the help of knife. You need to heat and melt it in a large spoon. Thereafter pour it in a container and refrigerate it and Re- Use 🙂 Moreover, you can use the expired ones as markers or paint in craft projects. Better to use eco-friendly brands that accept their old lipsticks to recyle.

Powder Eye shadow:

Have your glitter eye shadow broken? What you can do is that you can mix it up with glue and get glitter glue which can be used to decorate craft projects. You can also add colored eye shadow powder to clear and plain nailpolish and get a nail enamel of your favorite shade.
Liners and Mascara:
You can revive your dried up mascara by soaking the stick in a cup of hot water. Clear it thoroughly. Now you can use it as an eyebrow comb or to apply highlights in your hair or even to clear your jewelry.  Liners can also be used for making art and fun tattoos.

Nail Enamels:
If you don’t wanna loose a button of your shirt ever in your life, just dab the center of each shirt button with a coat of nail polish. If you are not able to find out the right shade, just mix a bit of white or another color.
So Friends! do you have any other suggestions on how to re use your beauty bargains?
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