Tips for strong, healthy and beautiful nails

Use Gloves: To protect your hands from harsh chemicals you should use vinyl gloves not rubber gloves while cleaning as harsh chemicals can make your nails weak and brittle. While doing dry work you can use cotton gloves.  
Eat healthy: Biotin and calcium are very important to improve nail thickness. They make them hard and reduce the chance of splitting. One of the great sources of nail boosting biotin is banana.

Moisturize well: It is very important to moisturize your nails to keep them healthy and beautiful. So use a moisturizing cuticle and nail cream after washing or bathing regularly, this will keep your nails and the skin around your nails healthy and glowing.
Keep a check on remover use: Nail shade removers contains acetone which are harmful for your nails and which dries them out. So it is advised not to use nail polish remover more than once a week. You should also keep your nails bereft of paint for some time as prolonged nail polish on your nails gives a yellowish tinge on the nails.
Be Cautious: At times we use our nails as tools to pick or poke which is very harmful for your nails. Moreover pulling off half broken nails can also damage them. Avoiding nail problems can lead to infections and other ailments. So don’t ignore them and get them treated on time.

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