My Experience With Pind Balluchi Restaurant

Rocky?and?Mayur?have ventured out to explore?food?from all parts of India and curate videos?on?’m contributing?my part by relishing?my?favorite dishes at?Pind Balluchi?and sharing?my?views with you all! Guys! If you are at all interested in eating a proper north Indian authentic food, you should totally visit Pind Balluchi. There are like good numbers of its branches all over India […]

SHOPPING – “My First Love”

Hey hi all you people. I was just wondering what makes me the happiest. Chocolates? Partying? Gyming? Playing some sports? Swimming? Well they all do but there is nothing that makes you happier more than shopping the perfect clothes and accessories. If I talk about myself, I love shopping in any form. From the streets […]


This one is for all the women out there married or unmarried who love to decorate their houses. What are the things that comes first to ones mind when we talk about decorating the house? Well they surely are cushions covers and curtains. To say the least I love matching them with my moods, different […]

10 Biggest Turn Offs For Guys In Girls

Well guys are not so very complex creatures like women and you need to understand them well before you get start dating them. They like some things and they don’t like some things and knowing them all in advance help you present a better part of you in front of them. So here we will […]

8 Things That Men Like In Women Except Good Looks

Well there are many things that men like in women. Looks are one of them, they always desire their women to be good in looks but there are certainly some things that men want in women more than good looks. Today we will tell you about just these things. These things will help you make […]

Things You Must Avoid Doing On Your First Date

Things are not the same when you are with your friends or your girlfriend, but they are definitely weird and difficult when you are on your first date with someone. In that unknown, uncertain atmosphere all of us generally make some mistakes, freak out, speak too much, remain silent and do all sorts of things […]

Things You Must Do On Your First Date

Well love is what we all look for in life and dates are the way we reach there. Meeting someone alone and spending some time with them is what we mean by a date. Having had some bizarre dates already you wouldn’t want to screw things up the next time you go out with a […]