Here I come with the last review of the four products from Zenith Nutrition that we got recently. We have already reviewed Zenith Nutrition’s other products earlier i.e. Zenith Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Plus 400, Zenith Nutrition Mucuna Pruriens Plus and Zenith Nutrition Heart Shield Capsules and now its time to review the fourth and the last product from Zenith Nutrition.

Zenith Nutrition’s Lycopene 10000 Capsules Review and Pictures

So, the next product on our review list is Zenith Nutrition’s Lycopene 10000 Capsules which is a super antioxidant and claims to be extremely helpful in general wellness. We guess, most of you may not know about Lycopene so let’s quickly see what it is.

Zenith Nutrition’s Lycopene 10000 Capsules Review and Pictures


Zenith Nutrition’s Lycopene 10000 Capsules Review and Pictures

Lycopene is a naturally occurring red color chemical which is present in fruits like papaya, watermelon, grapes, tomatoes and vegetables etc. It is a great antioxidant that catalyze the production of free radicals. Lycopene is also extremely helpful in fighting with cancer. It improves overall health by enhancing mood, strengthening immune system, improving vision and the list is quite long.

Let’s see what this product is all about:

These are 60 Vegetarian Capsules that can be used as a dietary supplement.

This product is helpful in general wellness and is a super antioxidant.

No gluten, no fish, no lactose, no flavor, no sugar, no salt, no color.

Price: INR 660

Disclaimer: These products are not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.

Zenith Nutrition’s Lycopene 10000 Capsules Review and Pictures


Zenith Nutrition’s Lycopene 10000 Capsules Review and Pictures

My take on Zenith Nutrition’s Lycopene 10000 Capsules:

I am a great fan of antioxidants, be it green tea or any other food supplement like these Lycopene
capsules. There isn’t any doubt that antioxidants have some amazing health benefits.  Coming to these capsules, the best part of these capsules is that these are 100% vegetarian and they do not contain salt, sugar, gluten, fish etc. so vegetarians like me can truly rely on these capsules for various health benefits. I have been taking one capsule daily post lunch and have not seen any stomach problems thus these capsules seem to have no side effects such as stomach ache or loose motions. Also, these capsules have proved to be a good mood enhancer for me. Overall, I like this product beyond doubts.

Will I recommend Zenith Nutrition’s Lycopene Capsules to all of you?

Yes sure! These capsules are a real energy and mood booster so do try out these capsules, you will like these for sure. You will surely see positive results within few days once you start taking these.

BFF Rating: 4.4/5

*        This is a PR sample but opinions are unbiased.


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Zenith Nutrition’s Lycopene 10000 Capsules Review And Pictures

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