Before you plan to try for conception or plan for pregnancy, there are a handful of changes you need to bring in. Keeping your baby healthy and also important keeping yourself healthy should be your top priority. I visited fertility clinic in Mumbai to find out the tricks for a healthy pregnancy. Here we go:


    1. Are you someone who is using birth control pills? Then this one is for you. Birth control pills bring in hormonal changes and will affect your reproductive health. These pills reverse the natural process of reproduction and this is definitely going to hurt you in the longer run. Hence, stop your birth control pills and give yourself some healing time. Some couples become pregnant as soon as they stop the pills. Some will take a little longer time. Track your period cycle and make sure this is getting back normal. If you are diagnosed with PCOD, then we recommend you to get treated to PCOD first before you plan for pregnancy. Birth control pills are temporary solutions for reversal of menstrual cycles in PCOD women. Longer usage of these pills can lead to other fatal illness.
    2. Check your weight gain: Obesity is the bigger criminal out there that fights against your reproductive health. Reduce your weight and keep your scales at check. Obese women have higher risks of miscarriages. The fact that slim women have better reproductive health and due to the good fat and positive blood pressure and circulation in their body. Talk to your nutritionist if you have one or visit a maternity clinic to get one. Do not follow any methods without any proof. All of us are different. If something works for someone, it may or may not work for others.

3. A lot of physical exercises is a must. This keeps your body at check. A minimum of 45 minutes of exercise is much needed. This will also increase your reproductive health and increases blood circulation in the body.

4. Limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine levels in your body and infertility are directly proportional. Also remember that this same principle applies to tea, soda, chocolates and other energy drinks.

5. Have a stress free life. Stress and depression are on a rise. Some of the reason for this is no work-life balance, personal stress and problems, no friends and closed to social circles, habits, and stress related to work.

Another friend in a fertility clinic in Pune, suggested me to go with a natural way of living and start eating more of the organic food than chemical adulterated ones. The Cleaning up of our diet is the key to a successful fertility health. This will help in related diet, controlled weight, getting all the necessary vitamins, proteins and folic. Quit smoking and limit your intake of alcohol. This will benefit you to a greater extend. Tabaco smoking is as deadly to reproductive health, just like cancer. That’s all. We are done. Happy planning for pregnancy guys!

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