For many ages, women have been using various herbs to take care of their beauty aid requirements. And if you take notice then you will surely find out that herbal and natural products have been of primary and immense importance for almost all the cosmetic companies. Few years ago the beauty business started to sell its products in closed tubes but this herbal and natural magic is around again and loved by all too. And if you want to make most out of these natural herbs and their natural ingredients then nothing can be better if you make the mixture of these various herbs ingredients and herbs by yourself.

This will surely help you in making magical beauty preparations to save a good amount of your money. As we all know that there are many important herbs like parsley, thyme, sage, rose hip, mint, rosemary and bay that provide great benefit for enhancing our beauty. Most of these mentioned herbs can grow very well in our garden easily. These herbs are very useful as they provide vitamins and minerals to our body and emanate a beautiful and lovely fragrance. These herbs can be very easily dried and used when required.

Following is the list of few herbs that can use for beautifying ourselves. Let’s get started.


Mint is green in colour and a flavoured herb which can be used to replace coffee. If one takes bath using mint then it will have a strengthening effect on muscles and nerves as well.  Moreover, pepper mint is very effective in minimizing the tooth ache.



This word Chamomile is used as a herb, this name is derived from a Greek word “ Kamai”, which means on the ground and “Mellon”, Thus this means an “Apple”.
This type of tea can be used as:
  • A Gargle.
  • Washing weak eyes.
Its leaves and flowers could be used as:
  • Bath Additive.
  • A hair Rinse.




What is a Rose Hip? It’s something which is left over after the Rose Flowers have bloomed, thus Rose Hip are the fruit of the rose. These herbs are rich in Vitamin C and are used for curing skin blemishes.



Strawberries are also called Fragaria Vesca. These are extremely rich in iron content and these are very good blood purifier. These can be used:
  • For Cleaning Tooth
  • As a mild astringent for skin.


Following are the few pointers that will take you long way and assist you for sure in mastering the art of cosmetic making.

1.       You should clean up your hands scrupulously while mixing various herbs and elements.
2.       Try to use Wooden Spatulas.
3.       Try to use enamel based bowls for mixing your beauty herbs, you should avoid using the metallic based utensils.
4.       It’s better to use boiling method to melt waxes and oils, better to avoid direct flame for heating the herbs.
5.       While making cream it’s very important to mix all the ingredients fully, always mix and beat the mixture till it’s cool.
6.       Using perfumes should be avoided in the mixture unless it’s extremely important as some skin types don’t give good response to perfumes. Skin may be allergic to perfumes.
7.       Try to use the mixture as soon as possible and make the beauty preparations only in that quantity that can be used immediately, if the quantity is in excess then store it well in refrigerator and try to use it soon.
8.       Try not to use preservatives.

How to Make Beauty Preparations which have longer shelf life?

Follow these instructions and your concocting cosmetics will stay for long:
1.       Use clean jars to store the beauty preparations.
2.       Using “Nipagin-M” is a good option. You need to add 7-8 drops of Nipagin-M into the water content of beauty preparation while heating.
3.       You can use butter paper on the mouth of the jar before closing or screwing on the cover.
4.       Simply record the name of all ingredients and their date of purchasing at some dairy or notebook.
5.       Record the date of concocting and label the jars with the name of preparations.
So girls, what is your experience with natural and herbal products? Have anyone of you tried concocting cosmetics?
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