Sleep is a chance for the body to have rest of its own and restore our energy reserves in readiness for the activities of the following day. It is a necessary body behavior which must be adopted almost on every single day, and going without sleep for long or failing to get adequate sleep over a period of time can come with detrimental consequences to health and to life in general. In as much as everyone would desire to have a restful night every single day, there is a good number of people who find sleep to be very elusive.

They somehow find it difficult to sleep at night, and the consequences the following day are never pleasant. Such are the people who are in a constant state of tiredness and they don’t have the focus nor the concentration needed to have successful and productive days. If you are one such person, it is important to find the root cause of the problem and have it sorted as soon as possible.

Listed below are a few of the reasons why you may be finding it difficult to sleep well at night-:

 You are in a constant state of stress


With the demands of the present life, it is easy to be stressed most of the times. There are business meetings to attend, travels to make, daily commute to and from work and other things that just seem to make life hectic. As such, there is very little time to relax the body, mind, and soul and this is what leads to a lot of stress in many people. When you are stress, the stress hormone known as cortisol is released into the system.

With the presence of the hormone in the system, the body finds it hard to relax and calm down and at night, you may find that you are still thinking about your day’s worries or what you will be taking care of tomorrow. In such a state, it becomes very difficult to fall asleep and even if you manage to, you will not enjoy a sound sleep. The best solution to have a sound sleep when you are stressed is to simply figure out what might be stressing you out and stop them from being a bother. If it is work or family related, find a solution to it in good time before it degenerates into a serious health concern.

You are eating the wrong foods


Certain foods may come in your way of getting a good sleep, and it is imperative you be aware of them so that you avoid them whenever necessary. The notorious culprits in this category are high-fat diets which have been proven through a plethora of studies that has the ability to disrupt or even cause sleep deprivation. Furthermore, foods with high-fat content will make you toss and turn during your sleep, thus hindering you from having a good sleep experience. This is not to mention that the turning and tossing during sleep may also have an effect on your breathing and wake you up constantly. Therefore, instead of resorting to fast food restaurants in the evening simply because you don’t want to cook at home, change your diet and prepare vegetable dishes that are not just healthy, but are also easy to prepare and are guaranteed to let you sleep like a baby.

Doing a lot in the bedroom


The primary purpose of the bedroom is to let you have a place to rest and lay down after a hectic day, and probably to accord you the privacy you need when you want to get intimate with your partner. However, some people have turned their bedrooms into small homes within a small room. They have a television set, a reading table, a refrigerator and even an exercising machine in the place where they ought to only have the bed.

With such in the bedroom, the focus will shift from ultimate relaxation and the ability to get sound sleep since you will desire to do more than just sleeping in the bedroom. The solution is to take away all the distractions in your bedroom and ensure that it is well primed to help you have rest and relaxation at night.

 You don’t exercise


Exercising won’t just help you keep and stay fit, but also will help you sleep better at night. By exercising in the morning when the sun is just coming out, you have increased chances of improving your sleep-wake cycle due to the increased production of the hormone melatonin. But while you strive to improve your sleep quality through exercise, you should be cautious about working out late in the evening or just before going to bed. This is because with every workout activity, your body temperature will shoot up, but for you to have a good night’s rest, the temperatures must cool down. Exercise before bed will make it difficult for the temperatures to cool down and this may not make you enjoy your rest.

Your bed is uncomfortable

If your bed is uncomfortable, you will definitely find it difficult to sleep well at night. For example, if you are using an old mattress, you may wake up with pains all over your body or if the bed is too noisy, every simple turn makes you wake up, thus interfering with the quality of your sleep. Check your bed to ensure that it is very sturdy, with no squeaking and if you have an old mattress, get a new one from Tuft & Needles at Lowe’s today to increase the comfort of your bed and consequently improve the quality of your sleep.

Poor bedtime rituals

There are also certain things you do just before going to bed that could be making you not have a good sleep at night. Some of these things include watching the television, using your laptop, chatting on your phone, taking caffeinated tea or coffee, taking alcoholic drinks or going to bed immediately after a meal. These are known sleep killers and you must avoid them if you want to improve the quality of your sleep every night.

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