Are you tired of using the chemical cleansers on your skin and want to switch over to the more real and natural cleansers that people since the ancient times have been using. It is really important to keep your skin clean and free from all the dirt and pollution that your skin goes through every day. The cleansers which we will suggest here today have a mention in the Ayurveda and have been in practice since ancient times. These not only cures the skin problems but also fights skin infections and some diseases. Here with these natural cleansers you will not have to use any soap or artificial cleanser to clean your skin but instead you can borrow the free gifts of nature to help your skin get cleaned up naturally…!

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The most important and good parts of milk is that it the most easily available, suits most skin type and is a great natural cleanser. You just have to mix i.e. add a pinch of salt to say about 5-6 table spoons of milk. Then take a cotton ball, dip it in the solution, soak it and start putting it on your skin. Put it on your face and neck, keep it like that for about 2 minutes and then rinse it of in circular motion. Milk has properties which will clear your skin, remove dead cells and you will be able to instantly notice a glow on your face, which by the way would be really pleasing.


It is a really effective face cleanser. It has anti-bacterial, probiotic, and anti-infective properties which guarantees a healthier skin for your face.  It is very gentle on your face and cleans all the dirt easily and is not like the hard chemical cleansers. Further due to its properties it does not drain your face of oil which is healthy for your skin. You can apply it directly on your face or you can mix it with milk in the ration of 4:1 and then put it on your face. What more is that it even leaves your skin soft. Keep it for half a minute and then wash your face like you just put some soap on your face in.

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Cucumber has skin tightening and cleansing properties. You can cut cucumber into slices and help it cleanse your skin. But I would suggest take some peeled cucumber make its juice, pour in some curd into that juice that you made of cucumber. Mix them and apply them to your face and neck only to wash it after sometime. Mix the two in the right quantity, say for example: one peeled cucumber juice should be mixed with 2-3 table spoons of curd.  This is another great face cleansing pack which has the potential of freeing you from all the chemical and foam based cleansing products that not only cost your pocket but are also harsh on your skin.


Gram flour has natural skin lightening properties i.e. it helps lighten tan and dark patches. As for it being a cleanser, it has been used like that for centuries now as it removes excess oil from the skin and leaves the skin softer and fairer. Not just that it also fights pimples.

For putting it on you need to first mix 2 tablespoons of gram flour, with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and milk. Make the solution that thick that it doesn’t run off your skin. Then when it’s done, put it on your face and neck. Keep it like that for about 20 seconds and then rinse off and wash it like your clean your face with a soap. This remedy is particularly suitable and beneficial for oily skin types.

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