Many people who are working in cities like New York or Washington don’t live in the cities themselves. After all, to afford a high-rise apartment in New York, you would have to have the income of someone who traverses the red carpet regularly!

So, the majority of workers commute into the city, and, as anyone who has ever commuted can tell you, it is a long and somewhat tedious process. Therefore, if you have a friend or family member who has landed a job in the city but has to commute in from the suburbs, there are a few things you can gift them to help them on their first day.

Here, you will be guided through some gifts that will really be appreciated!

Travel Mug or Tumbler


Top Things To Gift To a Friend Who Commutes


OK, so most commuters drink coffee- it is a fact of life! If your friend or family member wants to keep their coffee hot or cold during their long commute to their job, then it can be worth investing in one of the many travel mugs or tumblers that can fit into car holders or is spill-resistant. The best part is that the majority of companies are able to personalize these travel mugs, so you can have a funny message or your friend’s name put onto the mug if you wish. You can even get a travel mug in fluorescent pink if that is their favorite color!

Noise-Canceling Headphones


Top Things To Gift To a Friend Who Commutes


Whether it is in a car or on public transport, commuting can be a loud experience. The last thing you want for your friends is for them to arrive at work with a headache!

So, a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones that can cancel out unwanted sounds can be beneficial, especially if they also allow your friend to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks on their way to work.

Ergonomic Bag or Backpack


Top Things To Gift To a Friend Who Commutes


Most commuters will tell you that when it comes to carrying vital bits of tech into work, like laptops, you need to have a sturdy backpack or bag. This will also prevent your friend from suffering from muscle sprain in their shoulders. You also need to ensure that the bag that you choose is padded to prevent the bag from becoming damaged during the commute. It’s also good to have a backpack that has padded straps and pockets, which will certainly involve a standard ergonomic backpack.

Smartphone Holder


Top Things To Gift To a Friend Who Commutes


When you have a friend who gets to work by car, it can be worth investing in a smartphone mount for their vehicle. This will help them to navigate their way without needing to hold the phone in their hands, which helps with safety while driving. Some of the smartphone holders that you can buy can come with wireless charging, so they can charge their phone without needing to dig in their glove compartment for wires.

Subscription To Streaming Service


Top Things To Gift To a Friend Who Commutes


How can a streaming service help a commuter? Well, if they are traveling by car or train, it can provide entertainment during those bumper-to-bumper drives into the city. Streaming services can be a great gift, especially if it is a service like Netflix or Amazon Prime, which have a wide range of documentaries, films, and original programming, which can help with any commute.

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Top Things To Gift To a Friend Who Commutes

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