There are some girls who cant initiate a breakup due to the lack of determination or fear of hurting their partner. That is why they often go out of their way to get their partner to make the first move. If you your girlfriend behaves very oddly and you feel that she has lost interest in you recently, there is a chance she has conceived to dump you. Dating experts from Romance Dating Compass say you can unravel her conspiracy by analyzing her words and actions. Here are some signs that will give you a clue about her intentions. Recognizing them youll be prepared for the possible parting or will be able to take measures to prevent it.


You are the last to know. She is not that interested in you anymore if she tells you her good news last. All her friends already know about her promotion or a cute story about her cat except for you. Face it: your role in her life is not leading and its the first sign that she has doubts as to your future.

She gets short-tempered often. If previously she was tolerant to your habits and now even your slightest move irritates her, probably, she doesnt care about you anymore. This is a usual reaction of a woman who fell out of love but who is afraid of breaking up first, so she starts doing her best to make your life together unbearable.

She doesnt have time for you. One of the main principles of a healthy relationship is the ability and readiness to sacrifice your time to your loved one. Remember a simple truth: if you mean something to a person, they will always find time for you, no matter how busy their schedule is.

You dont go out together. Every time you plan to go out on a date, she asks her sibling or friend. She overtly expresses her unwillingness to enjoy your company. Its likely that she is not interested in you and she is afraid it will be difficult for her to talk with you in person.

She pretends to be tired. Last time you asked her to hang out with your friends she said she was tired and she stayed at home. When you came back, she was full of beans chatting with her friend via Skype. It doesnt necessarily mean that she did it because she wants to break up with you. However, if its not the first time she rejects to hang out with you and decides to spend time with her friends even if they are going to do the things she hated earlier (going to karaoke), shes drifting apart.

She is not interested in sex. If your girlfriend finds new and new excuses just to avoid sex with you, thats a bad sign. If there is no intimacy between you anymore, your relationship is doomed. You may try to fix things by finding out why she lost interest in having sex with you if there are no other obvious signs. But if its all in complex, be ready for the worst.

Her body language is not on your side. Sometimes our body language is more important that our words. Take a close look at your girlfriend, how she reacts in some situations will indicate her attitude to you. If she avoids your touch or doesnt return your touch or kiss; she doesnt maintain eye contact; when you sit next to each other her feet are pointed away from you, she is not into you anymore.

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