Love is everywhere – just look around! People fall for each other and start relationship every day; people get married and have children every day! And you are still single even though you really want to find the love of your life? Stop looking for problems in surrounding people! What you have to understand is that all your dating issues have one constituent – you. It might be something wrong you do or say, or wrong people you tend to fall for. In this article, gorgeous from  and our team decided to talk about wrongs of different approaches towards dating and relationships.

Reasons you are still single


  1. Falling for the same patterns and individualities

You know how they say – we choose similar persons all the time, without even acknowledging it. And it actually works so, even if you have once or multiple times been offended or neglected by this kind of personality. Try something new; what’s more – you can try dating a person you never thought you would. Diversity is beautiful. You should take advantage of it in every sphere of life.

  1. Focusing on relationships only

Our life consists of numerous activities. It has so many sides! Sometimes you need to prioritize one or another. The thing with dating is that you cannot just find a partner and start a relationship just because you want it badly at the time. Love is never born from just being craved. It’s a very strong and complicated feeling! Therefore, if you focus your efforts entirely on seeking dates, you may eventually find yourself swiped out of your own life and truly exhausted.

  1. Rushing into things

When we stay out of the dating stage for a while, we sometimes forget that nothing is built momentarily. Love takes time to rise and flourish – you should never forget about it. If you get too intimate and talk about deep feelings right after the first encounter, you are likely to lose any chances. Overdoing is no better than under doing!

  1. Problems with plans

Planning in dating is important. You need to understand what you expect and what methodology you should use to achieve success. The trouble is the same as with rushing into relationships – you must not overdo or underestimate planning. Hoping that your relationship will work out without your participation makes as much sense as programming your potential partnership long before it even appears.

  1. Giving up too soon

Surveys show that the vast majority of women would gladly give men a chance even if their first date was a real disaster. Don’t undervalue your attractiveness and intellect. Girls might like you for several reasons, and the ability to organize a perfect date is by far not that significant. If you really like the girl, don’t give up too soon. Your ability to overcome obstacles determines your manliness.

  1. Acting instead of being

This piece of advice makes more sense for men since they are responsible for making an impression and picking up girls (although this tendency is currently dropping). Doesn’t act like someone you are not. Not on the first date and not anywhere later. Women have strong serendipity and your potential girlfriend will figure out that you are only acting instead of being the person she really seeks.

  1. Underestimating communication

Proper communication is the most important ingredient of human relationships. Not paying too much attention to the way you communicate and exchange is a remarkable mistake. Most of the problems (that commonly lead to a breakup) stem from the lack of communication or misunderstanding of the concept in general. Love relationships are just like friendship but with kisses and sex! Keep that in mind and respect each other.

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