When the weather gets rough, your toes are not just dangerously exposed but also need protection from the chilly air. Mesh sneakers let the freezing air in, while canvas shoes soak in the wet weather, and a pair of slippers or stylish comfortable flip flops for men spells doom for your feet. Since prehistoric times, man has fought off cold weather and rough terrain with a simple footwear formula or wrapping feet in leather. While we have added a range of styles and functions over time, the formula continues to be the same. Take it from the caveman: men’s boots are the answer to avoid rakish weather and terrain.


Those work boots!

An ideal pair when there’s a task at hand, the work boots are weather-proof, chunky and built for functional activities. Additionally, it boasts stylish comfort and emphasizes utility through its many features such as waterproof liners, trodden outsoles, and insulated uppers. Modern work boots keep the harmful elements away while adding a casual vibe to your look. If you don’t want the weight and bulk of full work boots, consider mens square toe cowboy boots, which are still durable and built for tough jobs with added style and less bulk. These fashion pieces are almost a cultural icon being endorsed by fashion designers, celebrities, and musicians. Wear them with casuals or semi-casuals to pull off a smart look!

Heritage boots are always in!

Designed to resemble the old utility boots, heritage-styled men’s boots showcase various degrees of modernity. Waxed laces, leather soles, and Goodyear welting are typically found in a pair of heritage boots. It is a perfect compromise between function and fashion. These boots look intensely better with use and are rugged enough for difficult terrains and weather. Heritage boots are mostly made by hand, increasing the quality craftsmanship value.

Dressy boots for men

While they are similar to heritage boots, dress boots are typically designed with fashion-friendly materials and resemble dress shoes below the ankle. Featuring thin laces, exotic leathers, and decorative brogueing, dress boots are formally focused. The high-top styling makes this footwear option undecidedly informal, yet with the right pair of pants the boots can pass off as office-wear footwear. From the streets of Milan to the subway in New York, these boots have rocked the world.

Rounded Chelsea boots

Round-toed boots with elastic webbing and no laces are what define a pair of Chelsea boots for men. These boots are easy to slip on and are also distinctively fashionable. While the boots can be designed with smooth leather or suede, the typical pair has a leather sole, minimal stitching, and a rounded toe-box. Don’t fret about the lack of laces. The second you slip into a pair of Chelsea boots the notion of decreases usability disappears. Effortlessly stylish, these boots go well with everything from Italian suits to ripped denim. Chelsea boots fit both formal and street-wear styles with ease. Easy to wear, you never realise how much you despise tying laces until you no longer have to.

Chukka boots

Currently, in style, the Chukka boots come in different versions depending on the brand. The classic boot is designed from leather or suede and is considered the versatile option of all boots. Wear these boots with dressy and casual clothes as the simple design adds to the elegance and smartness of your entire outfit.

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Men, Upgrade Your Look with These Stylish, Sleek Boots

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