Well girls are you planning to travel this winters like I am? I just remember the last time I went on a trip and the bizarre things that I forgot to carry along with me. So I realized that it’s better to make a check list of the items I need to carry whenever I go on a trip. You might also have faced the same problem, when you are halfway through and you realize you forgot something important. To come over this I decided to make myself a check list whenever I travel. Here I am sharing with you such a list which will help you keep important things with you just before you a leave for the trip. I have divided it into some categories:

  1. Documents and finances
  2. Toiletries and bathroom items
  3. Clothing
  4. Electronics and gadgets
  5. First aid kit
  6. Miscellaneoustravelling-items-to-carry-beautyandfashionfreaks


It is very important to carry adequate and not excess cash with you while travelling so that you are nowhere in your journey cash broke. So carry adequate cash with you. Along with it you must not forget to carry important documents like license, passport, credit cards, your contact information, insurance cards, your hotel contact info etc. All these things can be needed anytime in your journey.


These are another set of items you need to carefully pack in your bag to have a comfortable journey. From your deodorants, soaps, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues to brushes, sun’s creams and combs. All these add to the comfort of your trip so keep them. Further I would suggest buy some travelling packs, i.e. these are smaller in size and easier to carry. Start accumulating them early and not just a day before the departure.


All you need to carry is adequate no. of inner wear as well as outerwear as I know you wouldn’t want to do a washing session there for sure. So decide the clothes in advance and keep them packed in order. Do not ever forget to keep in a party dress along with a pair of stilettoes as you never know whats in store ;).  Along with that do keep a pair of sports shoes, trek pants and jeans. These are just the must haves along with your regular stuff, plus do carry a formal look in your luggage.



This is one of the most important aspects these days. We surely need a camera, its’ USB cable, our phones USB cables, a pair of headphones, laptop, travel arm and binoculars. These just add to the ease with which you travel, plus they never let you get bored and helps you capture the most beautiful moments that you live, in the holidays. Well just imagine a holiday without a good camera??? Will that even be one?? No memories..! no FB dp’s nothing….!


It is very important to carry with you a first aid kid while travelling. You never know when you get ill and what’s in store. Imagine you have a headache while you are somewhere in Himalayas trekking and you don’t have a disprin or saradon..? Everything gets spoiled. Carry some basic, headache, constipation, loose motions, vomiting, fever related medicines along with some band-aids. This will surely insure your trip from unwanted disruptions.



You must also carry items like, a torch, an umbrella, water bottle, some good reading material, compass, pepper spray, pocket knife, guide book etc. This gives you an extra cushion and in advance prepare you for various unforeseen situations. For example it’s better to have an umbrella instead of getting wet in the rain along with all your gadgets and money. It will save you from great losses…!

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  1. Great post and helpful tips! I have never been traveling but would love to in the future 🙂 going on holiday to Greece next year and in need of some tips so this really helped 🙂 not sure what to take with me apart from clothes so its good to know xx


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