In today’s time especially under the influence of Covid-19, shopping online is inevitable. But online shopping comes with its own challenges, as choosing an online shopping platform that offers good quality products at affordable prices is a problem in itself. At times, we end up buying bad quality products and product returns are not that simple and easygoing with most of the cross-border e-commerce platforms. 

Guys fret not like today we are introducing the solution to all your online shopping worries. The answer is Kameymall which is an online trading platform for the international market. This platform is created by Chenjia Trading Co. Ltd. for the international market and is called the “international version of Taobao” by the majority of sellers. Kameymall is a blessing for overseas buyers as it adopts a commission-based system and collects fees only if the buyer and seller have successfully completed the transaction. 

Kameymall is a well-known B2C website in China, founded in 2021 and its customers and buyers have covered more than 220 countries and regions, covering 30 first-level industries including apparel, 3C, home furnishings, hair extensions, surfing boards, accessories, electric scooters, etc.

So girls what are you waiting for, the dream of having those perfect hair is just a purchase away. You can buy some amazing Clip In Hair Extensions from Kameymall to strengthen your hair and transform it into gorgeous hair in just a few minutes. There are just a few things you need to know before buying hair extensions, such as required length, understanding the system as each hairpin group has a different root, length and number. Also, it must be very clear that how much time do you have to keep your human hair wigs. 


You can also grab a stand-up paddle board from Kameymall. Just like surfing, stand-up paddle board is a lifestyle that gives people an adrenaline rush and you feel at one with nature. And when you walk on water where you normally can not walk, you will experience another level of adventure and camaraderie of experiencing new people and new places in a new sport. You can not only go surfing on a stand up paddle board, standup paddle board is also great for sitting which is still a great workout in itself. So guys, what are you waiting for? Grab your picnic paddle ASAP.


The electric scooter is another revolutionary vehicle of our times. So now, we no longer need to wait for a bus to arrive and certainly gone are the days of being stuck in traffic, all thanks to our very own electric scooter. Though all we need to remember is that the battery is the most important part of an electric scooter and it needs good maintenance. You can purchase amazing self-balancing scooter batteries from Kameymall that comes with a warranty period of 6 months. These batteries are quite powerful as they last more than 1000 charging cycles which is certainly more than any other brand in the market. 

However, it is very important to take some easy and simple steps which can significantly enhance the life of the electric scooter battery. For this, you can simply follow these 6 tips for prolonging the service life of electric scooter battery. Firstly, always keep the battery of the electric scooter charged, it will help to prolong its service life. Secondly, charging the electric scooter at the right time is very important. Thirdly, if you are planning to store the electric scooter, make sure that you charge the electric scooter before storing it. Fourthly, always use the original charger of the electric scooter. Fifthly, store the scooter and its batteries at a suitable temperature in a dry atmosphere. Last but certainly not least, never leave your electric scooter unattended while it is getting charged. 

So in short, internet research capabilities and a high-quality professional team are what enables Kameymall to provide suppliers and buyers with efficient, high quality and fast services. So guys, what are you waiting for, log in and shop now at this amazing website.  


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