by JYOTI on 18 JAN 2014

I can hardly find anyone who loves dark and pigmented black lips. 😉 It’s everyone’s dreams to have soft supple and pink lips but due to our negligence and improper diet and unhealthy attitude we always tend to neglect the health of our lips and due to which our lips tend to get darker and look highly blackish and pigmented. 

If we could follow some simple tricks then we can easily get soft and perfectly pinkish luscious lips without much effort. Simply read on the following dos and don’ts if you wanna get perfect pink lips:


Try to avoid sun exposure:

Excess of melanin pigment is one of the main reasons for the darkening of lips and as we all know that sun is well known to increase the synthesis of melanin in our body. So it’s always ideal to use those products and lip balms which contain SPF and prevent the lips exposure to UV rays.


Say No to Tea or Coffee:

As we know that caffeine is present in the coffee and tea and its ingredients are known to blacken the lips so avoid coffee and tea.


Say No to Smoking:

Nicotine is very harmful for our health as a whole so how could it not attack your beautiful lips? No chance:(, this nicotine is the root cause of discoloration and darkening of lips so quit smoking right away.


Regularly Exfoliate the lips:

It sometimes happen that dry and dead skin rests on our lips thus making it dull and look darker, thus exfoliating is one of the most important step if you want your lips to look lustrous and pink. You can use natural and organic products if you want to exfoliate your lips, this will remove unwanted skin cells from your lips and make your lips look fresh.

Use good quality cosmetics:

Do not use artificial cosmetics on your lips; this can be very harmful for your lips. The unhealthy and corrosive material which is present in these artificial cosmetics is disastrous for your skin which can cause extreme pigmentation. Always use quality products with good brand loyalty, do not forget to see expiry of cosmetics before purchasing.


Avoid chlorine water contact:

Chlorine water is a cause for pigmentation of skin and on lips so avoid chlorine water contact.


Do not suck or bite your lips:

To get pink lips you should always keep them properly hydrated and moisturized. Drink lots of water especially during winter season so that your body gets hydrated. One of the things which we should avoid is chapping and biting of lips. I am really worse in this; I always keep on biting my lips as a hungry goat, hahaha. Jokes apart, now this is my resolution for this year that I will no more bite my lips, as I hate black and unhealthy lips 🙂


Maintain a healthy diet:

It is a world known phenomena that if we eat healthy then our skin will glow. So follow good dietary regime and improve your eating habits, regular intake of fresh vegetables and fruits is extremely important for healthy lips. Improve your Vitamin C diet as it moisturizes the lips naturally by reducing pigmentation.
Apart from all the above ways and tricks to get healthy and pink lips, we can opt for almond juice, glycerine, honey, lime juice and aloevera etc, all of these have a proven record to moisturise the lips and make them glow and look pink. 

Hope this article has helped you in finding out the ways to get pink lips. So friends! How to you take care of your lips?
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