Buffets, in general, are a crowd favourite. Many people are thrilled to eat as much as they can and pay just the right price for it. However, not many people get to get the most out of their money when dining at a buffet. Thankfully, there are tips and tricks you could follow to maximise the money and time at the buffet table. You need to learn these tips for your next seafood buffet experience.

Research Before You Go 

It will help if you research the restaurants near you that offer a seafood buffet. You can check out their menus and compare which restaurant would provide you with more choices, plus it would prepare you for the time needed to get there and which days are more and less crowded.

Look at The Whole Buffet Table Before Eating 

Some people dining at a buffet would eat right away without scanning the buffet table. Doing such is not a wise decision because you do not assess which foods you would like and eat. Some of the most commonly-served items in a seafood buffet are salmon, oysters, sushi, mackerel, trout, crab, lobster, shrimps, and mussels.

You have to weigh your options because not all restaurants would allow you to eat all the food you can for just one price. Some charge by the pound or by the plate.

Eat the Most Expensive Foods First 

When dining at a seafood buffet, you can expect various seafood dishes that you do not normally eat because they are a bit out of your price range. Now that you can enjoy such food items, you should try to get a hold of them first. Some of the expensive food items are shrimps and lobsters.

Try Foods That You Do Not Normally Cook At Home 

Buffets are also great opportunities for you to try the foods you have not eaten before or foods that you rarely get to eat. Dishes that you do not usually cook at home would be nice to try because, for starters, you did not exert any time and effort to make it, and you are paying a minimal price for it.

Do Not Overeat the Starchy Foods 

Besides seafood in a seafood buffet, you might also find starchy foods that act as side dishes. These include potatoes and pasta. It is best to eat these later, so you should start with something light first, then work your way up to the more decadent foods on the table.

That way, you do not get too full for the first minutes you are dining out. Hence, you get to eat more by spending less.

Put Your Food in Small Plates 

You should also not get huge servings of the foods you want to eat. It is best to place them on small plates because you can taste as much food as you can. If you’re going to eat a specific item from the buffet table, you can make several trips instead of getting too much on the first go. You would avoid wasting food when you do this trick.

With all these in mind, you would be good to go. Another tip is to never use your hands in getting food from the buffet table because you are not the only one eating. You should also not cross-contaminate the dishes, so always put back the serving utensils from where you got them. Put food on your plate wisely and be respectful of others dining at the restaurant. That way, you can have a happy and uninterrupted dining experience.


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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Money When Dining At A Seafood Buffet

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