You’ve got all the essentials in place—like a crib, dressers, and a rocking chair—but still something is missing. You know your baby’s nursery won’t feel complete until it sports a unique look and feel carefully tailored to his or her needs.


While these needs can be narrowed down to sleep, nourishment, and entertainment, it’s important to take them seriously as you make your baby’s space as accommodating as it can be. Here are three décor ideas to get you on the right track:

A Comfy Crochet Blanket

We’ve all been attached to a favorite blanket and your little one is no different. The challenge is to pick a design that will win them over and create a special bond that deepens with each passing bedtime.

Make sure the yarn you use isn’t too heavy to avoid overheating, which is always a possibility with a tummy full of warm milk. Crocheting with anything thinner than worsted weight yarn should do just fine.

It’s also recommended to choose bold colors that not only captivate your baby but create an atmosphere of playfulness that will uplift their spirit on cranky days as well as on happy-go-lucky ones. There are thousands of crochet baby blanket patterns online for you to choose from, as well as step-by-step tutorials from skilled yarn artists the world over. A good way to sort through them without getting overwhelmed is to search for your perfect blend between comfort and style.

Playful Pillows

Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to ordinary square or rectangular pillows. You can literally crochet and stuff one into any shape you like!

If you’re a beginner, stars are easy to crochet from the center out using front post stitches. Whales are also good if you’re going for size; simply shape them working in the round using single-crochet stitches all the way through and finish them by embroidering a big smile and dots for eyes. Either way, your little one will have a cute friend to keep them safe and secure for years to come. 

Mobile to Dreamland

Mobiles offer your baby the stimulation he or she needs to develop curiosity and creativity as they grow older and find their way in the world. It’s best to stick with their favorite animals or objects they’re particularly drawn to because the mobile will be the first thing they see when they open their eyes in the morning.

Bears are a cinch to work up using backstitches for the bodies, slip stitches for their snouts, and single-crochet stitches for their adorable little ears. You could also keep it traditional and go with sheep, which should be no issue to shape using the easy-to-learn bobble stitch. Whatever design you go with, take a second to research a stitches encyclopaedia so you can tackle any project you fancy!

Remember that your little bundle of joy’s first few years are the foundation of their personality later in life. This is why every nursery design decision is an opportunity to inculcate positive feelings like wonder, kindness, comfort, and an appreciation for beauty. Trust your instincts, do your research, and the nursery will surpass your expectations in every way. 


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