Designing your own engagement ring can be so much fun and a truly unforgettable experience. Not only will you have something that no one else has purchased but you will have something that truly reflects your personality.

You and your partner can reflect your own individual styles in the form of a ring you will be wearing your whole lives. There’s nothing that quite beats it. Part of the magic of custom engagement rings is also having something you truly cherish and adore.

There are several questions around designing custom rings. Many of which will be discussed during this article. As you’re starting to discover the best tips on how to successfully design your Moonstone engagement ring, you’ll see it’s actually pretty simple.



1. Leave plenty of time.

Starting early is key. You want to give yourself at least a couple of months to plan for a customised alexandrite engagement ring. The process itself can take around 7 weeks once the concept has been finalised and the quote has been accepted.

You will want to leave extra time in case there are any changes that need to be made. More time equals less stress!

2. Do your research.

You want to start planning as early as possible. Shop around and gather images of your dream rings. Print out photos of gemstones you love and make a collage of shapes for the band that catches your eye.

You want to get as many ideas together as possible so you can choose the top 5 and start narrowing down your favourites. It’s also worth checking on Instagram and Pinterest for gathering inspiration. These are especially great when you are customising as you can pick and choose your favourite elements and merge them into one.

3. Choose the right jeweller for you.

You want to find an established jeweller who is used to customising Emerald engagement rings. Try and do some digging to discover whether the designer’s past works are on a similar vein as yours. Ensuring their style aligns with your own will save you trouble down the line and ensure you end up with your vision being finalised.

4. Clarify the details.

You want to know which metal and gemstone you are choosing. The metal will create the feel for the band and can range from yellow or white gold to platinum. It depends on whether you want a more classic or contemporary look so considering your options at this stage is crucial.

As for the stone, think about whether you want the traditional diamond or a coloured gemstone. What’s more, get to know the specs so you can choose one with your desired cut and sparkle.

5. Finalise the setting.

Knowing which setting you want the stone to be held in is also important. There are many you can choose from such as halo, prong, bar, bezel, shank and cluster. Which one you choose will depend on how you want your stone to be held on the band you choose.

As long as you choose a trusted jeweller, we are sure they can bring your vision to life. Customising is a fun and unique experience, something that you will treasure for years to come.


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