Hi all! As we all know Holi is just around the corner and we all tend to feel very worried about our skin and hair. Right?  Along with all the joy, happiness and tons of colors Holi festival also brings a tremendous amount of stress on our hair and skin. Here the question arises that how to prevent such damage? In today’s post I will be sharing quick tips to prevent hair damage this Holi. 

Well! Make sure you regularly use moisturising hair packs for hair as these kinds of hair treatments ensure that the cuticle of our hair is closed and thereby giving assurance that no Holi color penetrates into the hair shaft. 

Another way to prevent hair damage is to start oiling your hair, you can start applying oil to your hair at least 2-3 days prior to Holi festival or its better you apply oil every day for a week prior to Holi with a concoction of olive, rosemary and jojoba oil.
If we follow these simple steps of oiling and moisturizing our hair regularly few days prior to this Holi festival then we will surely be able to take good care of our hair this Holi festival.
So girls go and start oiling and moisturizing your hair before the Holi festival dare to play with your soft and shiny hair and make them dull, frizzy and difficult to manage.
So how are you going to celebrate this Holi? What are your plans?

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Ways To Prevent Hair Damage This Holi | Quick Tips

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