Do not use soap: whenever you have used thick layer of makeup, you should not use a soap or any harsh face wash to remove it. Always use a mild face wash and use baby or olive oil on cotton ball to remove the rest makeup.

Do not rub your face: patting the face is the best thing to do after washing your face. Pat the face gently with a soft towel, do not rub. After cleansing you need to use a good toner to close the open pores.

Take care of your eyes: whenever you have applied eye makeup, for removing that your need to apply a makeup remover which has least chemicals. It’s always a good practice to use aloe vera gel to remove traces of makeup around the eyes. Apply the aloe vera gel in circular gentle motions and massage.

Cleansing the lips: If you are using a lipstick which lasts for long then cleaning your lips is one the most important step. Take a mild cleanser, damp cotton in it or use some wet tissues, remove the makeup. After you have removed the makeup, massage the lips in upward strokes with petroleum jelly or glycerine.
Soothe the makeup allergy: Regular use of makeup is one the main reasons of getting allergy. You may find some allergic reactions on your face due to overdoing makeup. The allergic reaction can be controlled using cosmetics for sensitive skin type and using oils or milk to remove the make-up. You can also soothe any allergy by applying pure aloe vera gel or rose water on the affect areas.
                                                 What’s Your Makeup cleansing routine?

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