The fashion world has introduced us to so many inspiring, brave and creative women who managed to leave a great impact with their sense of style. All these women had one thing in common – they were all different when compared to the times they lived in. Either their fashion style came naturally to them or they had to learn about it through the years, some names will forever be remembered as the most inspiring in the world of fashion.

Even today, we’re being inspired by their sense of style as we see many designers trying to bring it back to life. Not to mention that most of these outfits never fade away. We see them on the streets, in the magazines, on the runway and we do our best to imitate those we like best.

If you’re looking for inspiration, whether you’re just looking for your next outfit or you’re a salesperson struggling to find the appropriate combination for your professional dress form, we bring you the most stylish female fashion icons of all time.

#1 Grace Kelly

What Meghan Markle is to today’s fashion society, Grace Kelly was several decades ago. Known as the ‘American Princess’, Grace Kelly was actually an actress which later became Princess Grace of Monaco. She was praised for her elegant, polished look which inspired many generations that followed. She loved wearing boatneck bit, flare dresses, navy pumps, pearl necklaces, blush pink clutch, diamond jewelry, etc. As such an inspiring woman, she never wanted to use fashion to show anything other than her personality. Let’s keep in mind she is remembered as one of the loveliest women in the world of royalty.

#2 Janis Joplin

If you can’t connect with Grace Kelly’s sense of fashion because it’s too fancy and elegant for you, how about Janis Joplin? She is absolutely the opposite of Grace Kelly when it comes to fashion style. Janis was a hippie feminist who was adored for her music, stands on political and social issues and, of course, style. She brought something completely new and fresh to the fashion scene as she was combining rock and boho clothing items. You could have seen her in piled-on jewelry, loose garments in bright colours, feathers, big bags and sunglasses. Actually, she loved accessories so much that we could talk about them for days!

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#3 Cher

She is not just a fashion icon, she is an icon like no one else! There are truly not a lot of people like Cher who are so bold in all of their choices, from music and fashion all the way to her private life. Her fashion style has changed a lot throughout the decades but she is mostly known for her outfits in the ‘60s and ‘70s. If you remember her cool mini dresses and fringe vests, you will know why! For Cher, clothes are so much more than something you put on yourself. It’s a game of sheer and revealing which nobody can play as good as she can!

#4 Brigitte Bardot

The person who is the symbol of the fashion in the ’60 is definitely Brigitte Bardot. This beauty with her mesmerising dark eyes has a couple of fashion tricks up her sleeves. What makes her unique, when comparing her with other women in that period, is that she wasn’t skinny although it was one of the biggest trends of that time. She loved her curves and she wore everything with confidence and elegance. She loved wearing tight clothes that revealed her body attributes, from mini dresses to see-through blouses, but the accessories she is most famous for is definitely her beautiful blonde hair.

#5 Jane Birkin

She is a model, singer, and definitely a fashion icon. Jane Birkin is known for her effortless style. She can wear whatever she wants and she will look great in it, from basic white t-shirts to flirty spring dress. Best known for the Hermès Birkin bag, Jane Birkin has so much creativity she puts even in her daily combinations. If you feel inspired by Jane and want to try out her style, purchase high waisted shorts and off-shoulder top, and simply don’t try too hard! After all, the fashion in the ’70 and ’80 was a celebration of simplicity.

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Whichever style you prefer, we can’t neglect the impact all of these women have on the fashion era they lived in but even several decades after it. Some of them will definitely be an eternal inspiration for designers all around the world. In the end, if fashion trends are always coming back, we would love to see more trends that are inspired by these ladies. If you can’t wait for trying it for yourself, don’t wait for trends and be brave enough to try it – just like they did!


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