Well hands are the objects we use for everything that we do. From picking up a glass of water to tying up shoe laces. If they are itchy or have rashes on them it can be so very irritating. The rashes on your hands bother you each and every second as there is hardly anything we can do without using them. But not to worry girls, this problem can be sorted out without a doubt and that too with home-made easy solutions.applying-hand-cream-beauty-rashes


Just pour these in your bath tub in some cold water. Sit in the cold water for about half an hour to 45 minutes and then rinse your hands. Do not scrub vigorously. This is one of the most widely suggested and effective remedies for removing rashes.rashes-oat-meal-baths


Just pack the ice cubes in a clean cloth or towel and wrap it around your hands around your rashes. This is a quick and effective way of having some relief. So if your rashes are too bad and you need instant treatment go for this one.ice-pack-rashes


Well this thing features everywhere doesn’t it?? Yeah as we know it has anti-bacterial properties. These also help in curing the damage on your hands due to rashes. A great remedy, a plant that you will find everywhere. If you don’t then grow it in your backyard, you really need it girls, it has so many uses. You have to have it.



Make a paste of the corn starch and apply on the rashes and keep it till the starch hardens. It will help remove your rashes by drying your skin.



Well it not only has baking properties but you can also use it to remove your rashes. Just mix it with vinegar and make a perfect paste to apply it to the rashes. Keep the paste till all the water vanishes in the air and only baking soda is left on your skin. Then wash it with water.



Not just a thing to eat but apply to your skin to cure rashes too. Well remember vitamin E has properties that can cure rashes? Yeah avocado has it, you can use avocado to cure your rashes.



Well it has cooling properties thus it is very useful here. Just cut it into slices, take out the seeds from the pulp. Then pour the pulp out and spread it on the rashes in layers. Keep it for 25-35 minutes and then wash it.CUCUMBER-beautyandfashionfreaks


This is the easiest and the most readymade remedies that you will find. Just open the tube or the box and pour it on the rashes. I put them together doesn’t mean you have to mix them and put it on, NO. Put them on individually.



You need to make a concoction of lavender to remove rashes as it has great anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties.



Take some pieces of garlic, basil leaves along with some salt and pepper and make a paste. These have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. After making the paste apply to the affected area.garlic

For your skin and hands free of rashes you can use any or some of these or a combinations of the above remedies. This is the easiest way of home grown and developed ways of removing the rashes which have developed since ages. I hope this will be of use to you. Do share with us your views and experiences. Till then stay fit, stay beautiful.

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