Anne Hathway has recently celebrated her Birthday on 12 Nov, Today I have decided to share some of her 15 best and bold red carpet looks at this beauty and fashion blog. She is definitely a stunner and looks gorgeous in each and every appearance. Have a look at these appearances of her, I am sure you are going to love her red carpet fashion choices 🙂 Here we go…anne-met-1 anne-america-1 anne-cancer-1 anne-finch-1 anne-hollywood-1 anne-inter-1 anne-inter-prem-1 anne-interstellar-1 anne-miami-1 anne-nickelodeon-1 anne-oscar-1 anne-pink-1 anne-punk-1 anne-rio-1 anne-slip-1

So Friends! Which look is your favorite?

Image Credit: Getty Images


15 Best Red Carpet Looks of Anne Hathway

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