This is something new for you I am sure, we always hear about the benefits and the fruits of working out regularly. But a great scholar said “every coin has its two sides” and after reading this one you will say indeed it is true. However small the effects be, these are to some extent unavoidable and there is hardly anything which can be done to improve it. Here we will talk about some things that even you would have noticed after your workouts.abs-crunches-4bestworkoutsforabs

The sweat and body odor:

Yes you know what I mean, every day you work out you have a bucket full of sweat which comes out and with that comes the problem of smelling bad. If you work out in the gym like a freak you are bound to be all wet with sweat and smell bad. But despite of the odor sweating is good for the body. So it’s up to you, if you want to see the glass half full or half empty. It should be kept in mind that using too much body odor sprays or roll on’s is not good for the body so if you use too much of these then please refrain from the same for healthy living.sweat-workout-

Oily skin and rough hair:

Going to gym daily?? After you come back you are all drenched in sweat. Your hair become like a broom even if you just washed them today. You skin is all sweaty, you use a face wash too many times in the day which takes away all the natural oil of the skin. Your hair being all oily due to sweat which makes you wash them even more and that takes a toll on their health. So all and all you face a tough time. It should be carefully managed, I will discuss about taking care part in a separate post.Oily-face-foundation

Sweat all around your mp3 player and phones:

Generally we use mp3 players, ipods, phones for playing our own playlist which keeps us going through the workout. But what is bad is that they get all sweaty and sometimes water even gets inside their screens. Moreover after a workout some people have really sweaty palms which when they touch the mp3 player is really not good for the gadget. This problem can be eliminated by using a waterproof armband but who spends so much on armbands?

Your favorite pair of shoes smell like shit:

I don’t even need to mention this. You would know how it feels when a fine piece of rubber is all smelly, and when you wear them again, need I mention about what happens to your feet after it?? This can be taken care of by keeping a vigil on the shoe condition and washing it timely which most of us keep forgetting.

Trips to the loo more often:

Yes this does happen, when you work out you tend to take more fluids, more proteins. Which makes your body more prone to frequent trips to the loo. Having a lot of water daily is really good for health but those frequent trips to the loo are not that tempting are they??

Laundry more often:

Yes miss/mr gymer, when you sweat you have to wash clothes more often. Which means more work. Alas! Who likes more, when its’ work? Moreover as the sweat is acidic, your clothes get spoiled more often.

Some days you walk like a zombie:

What will you do? Sometimes after workouts the muscles pain so much you walk like zombies, and if you go to gym you would know what happens after the leg day. You do the exercise and it’s difficult for you to get downstairs…!

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