Girls! How often do you think to sanitize your Vanity case? It’s one of those things which we ignore many times; fact is that we don’t realize its importance. Sanitizing your vanity case and keeping it clean is extremely important to keep you away from getting infected from various bacteria’s and all. This time I am going to share some of the tips to sanitize your vanity case.
Let’s begin:


Clean up your makeup brushes every time after use: It’s really important to clean up your brushes every time you use them. In case you are short of time then weekly cleaning is a must. You should clean up the brushes by dabbing anti-bacterial hand soap on your brush. Rinse it thoroughly and gently then wash them off in lukewarm water.
Skim over the Germs: For easily cleaning up your eye shadows and lipsticks, simply skim the top layer of the lipstick or eye shadow by removing with a Q-tips or a tissue.

Clean your mascara: The best way to sanitize your mascara is to change it periodically. Using same mascara over months might not be very good for the health of your eyes. Try to avoid sharing your eye makeup cosmetics with others as sharing eye makeup may make your eyes getting infected.



Keep your eye and lip pencil sharp: Ideally you should keep your eye or lip pencil sharp. In case your eye or lip pencil is retractable then pour some amount of vodka or alcohol in a small container or simply dip the pencil tip in it for some 30-40 seconds.
Use Pump up foundation: It’s best to use a foundation which comes in a pump kind of bottle or an enclosed squeeze container. Use a large jar foundation if you use a mousse or thicker cream foundation. Always avoid using your finger tips to dig out the liquid from the container.
I hope these tricks and tips will surely help you out in sanitizing your vanity case 🙂 keep it clean and make your face glow like that of a princess.

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