Hello girls! As we all know that Valentine’s Day is approaching and all of you must be feeling quite excited about itJ. Romance is in the air so I have decided to make your valentine’s day even more romantic with a romantic rose nail art.

   1.   Apply a base coat: First of all apply a base coat to protect your nails after cutting and filing them. You can  choose to apply a strengthening base coat or 2-in-1 base and top coat.   
   2.  White nail varnish: It is very important to shake the bottle for around 10-20 seconds to mix the content  well before applying the white nail varnish on your nails. After shaking the bottle well, apply it on all the nails.
   3.  Big light pink dots: Now apply big light pink dots on your nails with the help of a dotting tool. Even if you  are not able to maintain symmetry in dots, it is fine. Don’t be bothered about that much as asymmetry also  looks chic and stylishJ.
   4.  Designing part: Now take a tooth pick and dip it in red nail polish, start drawing random lines inside the  pink dots. Make sure that these red lines give a rose like look. Then it is time for green nail polish, add some  leaves at each side of rose with it.   
   5.  Final top coat: Finish this rose nail art with a shiny top coat. That will make your nails look glossy and add  a smooth finish to them.
So gals rock your valentine’s day with this romantic rose nail artJ.
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