In the middle of globalization, Indian fashion brings a spectacle of vibrant culture and transformation in the fabric industry. Mumbai’s Godrej India Culture Lab Director, Parmesh Shahani stated that “Fashion’s enormous aesthetic diversity is a reflection of the polyphonous nature of our society, which now, as always, is in the midst of an exciting churn.”

Life isn’t too short to reimagine traditional fashion holdings. Style comes from within, and it’s time to find inspiration to make the most out of your Indian fashion.


Smart and Sleek Kurtas



This style creates unique points on your ethnic collection.

Cut the oh-so-typical way of wearing kurtas and try to look like a million dollar figure. Incorporate kurtas with funky jeans, patiala salwar, capri, and dhoti looks. You can always choose a style that will get yourself away from looking fat. Avoid body-hugging kurtas and wear the slightly loose ones and walk with poise.


Playful Salwars




The logic behind wearing bottom-wear should follow the slim-fit rule.  Avoid loose and sloppy looking salwars and wear dark colors like green and blue to give a slimmer look. Salwars have an enchanting power to make your waist look sexier than ever before.


You can also wear stylish trousers or cigarette pants paired with your trendy kurtas to add a bit of a Punjabi-type of vibe to your style.

Glam and Cozy Sarees




Saree draping styles are becoming famous in Indian parties and celebrations. Rather than looking ordinary, design your lightweight fabrics to something celebratory while creating an illusion of a beautiful body figure. Step up your different saree draping styles like Lehenga, Maharashtrian, and Bengali.


Additionally, try to avoid using firm fabrics and go for chiffon, georgette or crepe instead.


Prismatic Dupatta


Start a bright day with a Phulkari or a colorful dupatta together with a basic salwar kameez outfit. You can drape a dupatta on the road to glamor during wedding celebrations in the simplest way. It is a perfect alternative to Anarkali Suit and other ethnic essentials for occasions.




If you don’t like the “blend-in-the-crowd” kurta fashion, bring the loose clothing pieces together that brings you to the new side of Indian fashion. This style is best for Diwali Lights Festival every autumn, but you can still do it every day and look good yet simple on the streets.

Bright and Crafty Tops



A perfect bottom-wear paired with tops that compromise with denim and skirts will give a whole fashion statement. If you like to wear quirky tops, you should check out for deconstructed blouse and shirts which make Bollywood beauties trending like Katrina Kaif.

Wearing blouses and shirts according to temperature is a smart choice. You can also look sophisticated with embroidered and lightweight clothes.


Bohemian Roulette


Get Boho with your Indian wardrobe and achieve a carefree but stylish fashion. It’s time to perfect a bohemian look instead of keeping your dull blouses, printed dresses and flower skirts behind shadows.


Use them and layer your clothing to create flow and shape. Take advantage of headbands, bangles, and elaborate rings to elevate the look you’re going after. Together with hair braids or loose waves, you can go out and rock your day.


Indian Extra Essentials



The best way to express a complete fashion statement is to pair it with shoes and accessories. A pair of jhumkas and a Punjabi Jutti will surely complete the style. Versatile pieces like these will step up the casual look of jeans and shirt. Look much expensive while wearing it together with salwar kameez look.

Check out how Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and other celebrities pull off their daily fashion with these items. Of course, don’t forget to achieve a hairdo suitable for your overall fashion statement.




Fashion statements come and go, but it continually evolves. Revive your wardrobe and look through the interesting fashion trends to take inspiration. Make the most out of your Indian clothing and dress confidently. Also, consider a fitness management plan that will help attain a dream figure. Take time to cover the flab and look fab.

Leslie Wyman is a writer for French Connection.


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