Wearing glasses doesn’t always sound like a fun idea, but if you choose the right frame for your face, it sure can be. Every face shape requires a frame of different type, size, and colour to be as flattering as possible. Therefore, if you’ve recently discovered that you need to wear spectacles, or you’d just like to invest in a new pair of sunglasses, make sure you’re on the right track when you start looking for the perfect frame.



The easiest face shape to find glasses for is oval. With a softly rounded and well-balanced jawline alongside high and angled cheekbones, oval faces can look good with almost any frame. The only thing you should keep in mind is which feature you’d like to emphasize. Whether you’d like to go for the eyeglass frames that are wide as the broadest part of the face to keep the oval’s natural balance, or you choose walnut-shaped frames, they will look equally good on an oval-shaped face. However, if you don’t like to draw attention to a narrow eye line, avoid narrow frames.


A broad, deep forehead, square chin and a wide jaw define square faces. If you have a face like that, oval frames narrow in width will be your best bet. They’ll soften the angles and make the face seem longer. Those frames can also soften the jawline, and emphasize the eyes, rather than highlighting the less flattering features. This is why you should avoid square frames because they will only accentuate the squareness of the face instead of balancing it out. Thin and light-coloured frames are also not the best choices.


Broad forehead, high and angled cheekbones and a small chin create the heart shaped face. Thanks to the high cheekbones, people with heart-shaped faces look younger, due to the so-called triangle of youth, created precisely by the prominent cheekbones. Look for oval and round shaped glasses frames online and shop for those in light colours. This way you’ll balance the width of your face and won’t draw too much attention to the upper face. Avoid frames wider at the top so that they don’t reflect the face shape.


If you have full cheeks, rounded chin and a wide forehead, you have a round face. Frames that will compliment your face the most are those that provide a contrast. Therefore, look for square or strong angular frames. Those with a slight upsweep at the corners can flatter the face as well, since they will help you show off your cheeks and accentuate your eyes. Stay away from short and too small frames, but go for wider ones to make the face visually slimmer.


Diamond face is the one with wide and sometimes high cheekbones, angular and narrow jawline and a narrow forehead. Rimless and oval frames will best suit this type of face, as well as the glasses with strong brow lines. They will balance the face shape, giving it more width. Cat-eye shapes will also be a perfect match for diamond-shaped face, since they’ll highlight the cheekbones flawlessly. Narrow and thin frames will only narrow the eye line, so try to avoid those.

Final thoughts

In the sea of beautiful eyeglasses frames, only a couple of them are suitable for your face shape. Therefore, it’s imperative that you look for those that will emphasize just the right features, and create balance to your face. If you don’t know your face shape, you can always stand in front of the mirror, use a dry-erase marker and outline your reflection. Once you’re aware of the face shape, you won’t have a hard time shopping for the perfect frame.


Shape Of You: Which Glasses Best Suit The Shape Of Your Face

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