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Hi beauty and fashion freaks! I always love sharing beautiful designs and ideas at this beauty and fashion blog. And today I am in a mood to share some amazing and beautiful Girly Tattoo Designs. I have compiled these girly tattoo designs by browsing the internet for near about an hour or so. Huff! Blogging is sometimes very time consuming and especially these compilation posts ;P .. Now lets come back to these girly tattoo designs, actually! Very recently I have got a special kind of inclination towards tattoo designs, though I don’t own even a single till now, but the way it carves out and shows off your inner feelings to the outer world is really commendable. We girls are full of emotions and never hesitate to showcase even a bit of our emotion 😉 and always try out different ways to show our emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement and the list is endless..This tattoo art is one of the finest way to show girlish side of ours. These tattoos comes in a whole lot of variety such as butterfly, flower art, cartoons, feather tattoo’s, quotes etc. In this beauty and fashion blog post, I will be sharing 25 amazing and inspiring girly tattoo’s. Hope you like and try out some 🙂

Girly Tattoo design on back:

girly tattoo design@2

Girly Tattoo design on wrist:girly tattoo design@3

Arrow Tattoo design on hand:girly tattoo design@4

Girly Cartoon Tattoo design on Shoulder:girly tattoo design@5 Girly Tattoo design on back: moon and cat girly tattooGirly flower and diamond Tattoo design on leg:girly tattoo design@7 Girly flower hourglass Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@9 Girly Tattoo feather design:girly tattoo design@10 Girly butterfly Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@11 Musical love Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@12 Quotation Girly Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@13 Behind the ear Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@14 Music in the ear Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@15 Girly flower Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@16 Girly Tattoo shoulder design:girly tattoo design@17 Flower and Leaf Tattoo design:

girly tattoo design@18 Octopus Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@19 Girly Neck Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@20 Girly Flower Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@21 Girly shoulder Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@22 Girly Tattoo Back design:girly tattoo design@23 Girly Tattoo Butterfly design:girly tattoo design@24 Girly Tattoo Flower Design:

girly tattoo design@25

Bird Tattoo design:girly tattoo design@25 (2)So girls which Tattoo design is your favorite? 🙂

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25 Beautiful Girly Tattoo Designs You’ll Love <3

  1. I always wanted to do a tattoo but scared of the pain and allergies :|. If get the courage someday I would tattoo on my wrist and behind neck 😀 . Lovely compilation dear.

  2. The infinity love tattoo and the feather are both so cute! If I ever got a tattoo it’d have to be super small because I think I’d freak out with the needle but these are great!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Oh wow!!! Some ahhmazing designs. I absolutely love the infinite love and the rose one. I am too scared of the pain but someday I will get one. Thank you so much for sharing such awesome things.

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