Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room

Hi readers! I take it as a very obvious fact that everyone of us somewhere in ourselves have that interior decorator thing, maybe not so conspicuous always but its an amazing way to know the other creative side of you! Well, one of the most exciting things always is to have yourself decorate your own […]

Customise Your Mobile Covers To Suit Your Personality

The phone makes the man. Or woman. Well, not really. But in a world where just about everything can be customised, everything you own becomes a personal statement. The colours you choose, the pattern you pick, the design you opt for, are all representative of who you are. Customise your mobile phone covers to suit […]

‘Closet sale’

Hey there guys! The content we are doing today is really interesting for all you guys believe me! Basically, I am in good mood writing about it to you all. A new concept, for all the shoppers and the brand obsessed people, to say so, has come up online. I know, we all have experienced […]

Pepper Tap: One Stop Solution For All Your Grocery Needs

Hey you all! So today I get to you a commercial, grocery delivery service website. The application Pepper Tap went live on the 15th February 2015. Mr. Navneet Singh is the co-founder of Pepper Tap. So what is Pepper Tap? Basically it is an app based on your on-demand grocery needs. You according to your […]

BIBA Autumn Winter Collection 2015

Hey readers! BIBA is known as a much known and openly accepted brand among the ladies, reason being its dedicated towards getting the biba out of you. Its committed on providing a range of elegant and contemporary apparels with a tinge of ethnicity. You would love how the collection carries from proper Indian wear to […]

10 Must Try Natural Products For Glowing Skin

Things around have become so much of chemicalized that people have now started running after natural products. It is more when they want to buy anything for their skin. In fact, women are more concerned about the various side effects from various products leading to innumerable diseases and allergies. Earlier, people were more suspicious to […]


Hey people! I am sure, most of you or should I say majority of you are crazy for different kinds of sunglasses, and why should you not be? Its amazing to have the collection of these protective and beautiful daily items. When sunglasses were introduced, the darker lenses were thought to be better because they […]

Must Buy Stylish And Designer Lehengas ? Stay Trendy

Lehenga the ultimate wear for any special occasion be it a wedding, friends wedding, reception, engagement or festive season nothing can beat the eternal timeless lehenga. Whats so special about lehenga? ?Well I would simply say the feel and look that Lehenga gives no other attire can give you. Become a part of the opulence […]

Fashion Accessories: Latest Trends

Hey you readers! Keeping good you all?! So let us get going with no further delay on what we love the mostfashion accessories. Its not just a mere topic to talk about, what I mean is that it consists of so many sorts that you can find your interest in almost anything and everything. And […]


Hii everybody! I have been on with the wedding theme post and my knowledge about wedding apparels has been increasing rapidly. Anyway I previously have written about brides dresses, now I bring to you some content on bridesmaid dresses. I have seen many movies on wedding, which show gorgeous bridesmaids wearing pretty and chic dresses. […]

Mermaid Lace Wedding Dresses From Ericdress

A warm hello to everyone! Today we yet again talk about wedding dresses the name itself gets us all dreamy about it These days you can fetch anything online, everything from budget to your wish of style and design can be found. I browsed enough about these mermaid lace wedding dresses because they have aroused […]

Traditional Indian Ethnic Wears: The New Trend In Fashion Industry

The bygone eras of traditional Indian ethnic wears has come into prominence once again. Going by the trends in fashion industry, todays creative fashion designers are showcasing ethnic designs that take us close to our cultural roots. The handloom industry of India got a major boost owing to the ruling sentiments amongst trendsetters and Indian […]

Stunning Prom Dresses: My Wishlist

Hi everyone! How are you all? Its always great to write for our beauty and fashion blog. I know I have been very busy now days, so you dont see much of my articles here but I must say that I really miss writing on beautyandfashionfreaks a lot. As you guys know that when a […]


Well all of us just love the fun quoted t-shirts and guess what! We now can even get our piece of hoodiees which have some real fun quotes printed over them. I got one delivered for myself and all you people really need to have a look at this one. The one word that I […]

Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses: Latest Trends

The day of the wedding is the day of the bride, everyone talks about what she is wearing, how she is feeling. But if you are the bridesmaid, people also have their eyes glued on you. So here we are to your rescue. You dont have to be confused about what to wear, we have […]

Beautiful Evening Dresses: Lust List

As soon as the sun sets, the wardrobes open for a great evening. But the point is do you have the kind of evening dress that you look perfect in?? Will your man go mad after seeing you in the piece you currently possess? If yes then well and good but if you dont have […]


Who doesnt like to look fashionable? No one wants look out of fashion senses in any way. Celebrities have tons of resources to look the way they do but a common man/ women? What does he/she do to look trendy and beautiful all the time. With their limited resources common people barely have the privilege […]

My Make-Up Haul From

Hey gals! I have big news for all you beauty and make-up freaks out there. the largest online shopping site of its kind in Southeast Asia now also ships to India. Isnt it very exciting, the best part about Luxola is that it offers best international brands all under one roof. It has always […]