During this winter season, new launches seem to be raining, raining and raining everywhere in almost every brand and Yves Saint Laurent is no exception! 🙂 Girls, This Christmas season get ready to indulge in kaleidoscope of color, as Yves Saint Laurent aka YSL is launching lovable couture collection of highly elegant, pretty and indulgent color collection. The new YSL nail polish collection wrapped up in highly elegant, luxurious, sleek and desirable acrylic box seems to be a need and desire of every girl and such kind of collection for which every girl craves. Don’t you think so? 🙂


Wow! These 24 timeless pretty shades look so alluring and very well express the love, femininity and style of every
girl. These colors can tempt any female of any age group. These whole new and unique shades by YSL created a kind of irresistible pulse for me from the very first look. The variety of color is so vivid that a girl can change the color of her enamel with each new colorful wardrobe. By having a first look, I found this collection lust worthy and it kept me drooling. Wish it will live up to the expectations.
Price: 450 Pounds.
So girls what’s your opinion on its first look?

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