Hollywood celebs flaunted nude look at the Golden Globe Awards red carpet


Nude look does not mean that you have to empty your vanity case and use no make-up at all or it does not mean that you have to be blessed with flawless skin. Nude make up is something that does not show on your face at all and yet enhance your best feature. For this natural look all you need is a soft and matte velvety base, a bit of shading on your cheeks, no mascara and no kajal and certainly no color on lips. 
This trend has been a big hit amongst Hollywood celebs and big designers using models with pale makeup. So girls following are the steps you need to follow to ace the nude makeup lookJ.
   1. Firstly clean your skin thoroughly with a good cleanser. Then apply a good primer to even out your skin texture. A primer will also help your make-up last longer.
   2. Now it is time to use a concealer but not all over the face. Use it only on the problem areas like under the eyes to hide dark circles or to cover up discolouration or blemishes.
   3. Choose a foundation that matches your skin color as closely as possible then apply it only where you need coverage and blend well.
   4. Now use a translucent powder to make your make-up last longer and to control the shine on your face.
   5. Choose warm golden or honey hue as blush to sculpt your cheek bone. It is very important to make sure that no color is visible on the face for a natural look.
   6. When it comes to applying eye shadow, choose beige or caramel eye shadow to shape your eyes. As I have said before also that keep it very natural and subtle so that the color is not very evident. To create a natural shadow, use a lighter shade on the eyelids and a darker shade on the crease. Don’t use any kajal or colored mascara. Just curl your eye lashes and then apply a colorless mascara.
   7. Lips should be kept nude or you can apply a little bit of nude color on them.
So girls do let me know your take on Nude make-up look.   
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