Angelina Jolie before and after photoshop
Have you ever wondered that how come all these actresses look so flawless and immensely beautiful in each and every photograph? We all know that photo shop plays one of the most important roles in beautifying the face of any celebrity apart from makeup. 

Thus, the importance of photo shop cannot be ignored. It’s really interesting to find out the drastic changes which photo shop makes to the face and looks of these celebrities. Simply incredible! Isn’t it? These celebs are already well known for their beautiful face and figure, but photo shop is an integral and in separable part of the beauty of these celebs. Recently I was searching some celebrities pictures over the internet and have found few of celebrities photographs before and after photo shop which I couldn’t resist sharing. Have a look at few of such photographs and find out by yourself the magic of photo shop on the beautiful face of these celebrities:  

In this photo Adriana Lima looks beautiful even without photo shop, though her skin tone got a bit lighter after photo manipulation by photoshop.

Alicia Silverstone seems much younger in the picture after using photoshop. Many of the dark patches on her face are reduced.

Ashlee Simpson looks flawless even before using photoshop!

Oooppppss! is this Britney Spears? Oh ya she is..without photoshop her skin is looking terrible but after applying photoshop, her skin is shining like a teenager..also look at her chin..Wow! Photoshop is really magical!

Here comes Cameron Diaz with lighter and untanned skin after applying photoshop. Look at her belly too..

Meet new and much younger Faith Hill after applying photo shop magic 🙂

Gemma Atkinson looks simply beautiful even without photoshop. She is a natural beauty.

There isn’t much difference in Hilary Duff before and after photoshop.

Jeniffer Aniston looks much prettier and her skin looks more flawless after photoshop.

Oh Look at Kate Moss! she is completely transformed with much tighter and firm skin. She looks much younger after applying photo shop…Pretty awesome

Meet the new and much slimmer Katie Couric…tandadaannn…She has been completely transformed from a 60-65 kg lady to a 45-50 kg girl…:) 😉 what a great way to loose fat without exercising and dieting 😉

Kim Cattrall must have looked like this 25-30 years ago 😉 who says that old days cannot come back? thanks to photo shop 🙂

Madonna is an evergreen beauty, at this age of 50 years, she still manages to look so beautiful and charming even without photo shop, but definitely after photo shop her looks are transformed completely.

Megan Fox has completely overcome her skin related issues with photo shop..who says that we need foundation and concealer to hide skin imperfections? huh

Look at Nina Garcia..does I need to add anything? 😉 complete transformation.

Have a look at much younger Penelope Cruz..I must say photo shop is a complete magic

To make yourself two shades lighter, simply use photo shop as Scarlett Johansson did ;P

Hope you all had wonderful time and enjoyed while having a look at these pictures J

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