The Pakistani origin actress Veena Malik also known as the controversy queen not just in India but also in Pakistan has been sentenced to 26 years of imprisonment for an act of blasphemy after appearing in a mock wedding on a popular news T.V. channel, Geo T.V. This has come as a shocker of a judgment not only for her but for all those who have heard about the judgment. She was heard saying: “26 years come on. 26 years is a lifetime… but I have faith in higher courts in Pakistan” This does not end here, not just her but her husband Asad Bashir Khan, CEO of geo T.V. and the famous anchor of the show Shaista Wahidi have been awarded the same punishment for the act. Now you must be thinking what exactly is the crime they committed that they have been given this sentence? what exactly is blasphemy? Well it is an impious utterance or action concerning god or sacred things. Pakistan being an Islamic country has its own share of laws concerning Islamic beliefs. The judgment has been given by an anti-terrorism court which again is a shocker referring to the content of the case.veena-controversy-jail-26-years

It is believed that the song played by some sufi singers while she was dancing with her husband on the sets is the reason for her getting convicted. The songs is said to have some content which hurt the feelings of Muslims. While even after repeated apologies by the T.V. channel, the reporter Shaista Wahidi and the couple the rightist groups in Pakistan made it an issue and thus pressurized the courts to give a judgment of this sort.

Veena malik was caught defending her act saying ‘my husband and I were on a show where they played the song, but it has been played hundreds of times before! At that time there were media wars going on in Pakistan, and  this is a result of that’ she further added “I am a true-born, educated Muslim and I come from a good family, I cannot even think of doing something like that (while referring to the accusation that she has hurt religious feelings)”.veena_malik_26-years-jail

While many believe that she might not end up serving the sentence as the judgment has been given by a court in Gilgit city whose control is shared between Pakistan and Indian side of Kashmir and orders given by such a semi province does not hold much relevance in Pakistan. However in spite of the fact that this might not end up Veena Malik in jail, she has been saying she will appeal in higher courts this December and seek justice. She has also blamed media for such hype of an irrelevant issue which has little merit.

May this be whatever, but the verdict has once again proved that the link between Veena malik and controversy is like that of Akbar and Birbal, or rather like ‘a fevicol ka jod’ which will never get separated. She, even in the past has been surrounded by one controversy or the other. Take her big boss stint for an example, her intimacy with Ashmit Pater brother of Amisha Patel raised a lot of eye brows especially after their intimate moments got televised.veena-malik-photos-sentenced-26-years-jail

 Well we just hope she comes out of this pit neat this time as we surely do not want to miss the masala and mirchy she adds to our lives. So Veena best of luck for your case from our side, I hope this just ends up like just another controversy and not a lifetime of jail…!

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