While babies can’t speak, they can communicate with others through clapping, pointing, and waving. In order to put their best foot forward, you’ll want to choose the best baby clothes for your little one. 

How can you choose the best baby clothes for your child? There are multiple factors, from fashion to comfort. 

The wrong outfit can cause delays, falling down, and crankiness. The right outfit can lead to ease with getting around.

While all of this might sound complicated, there’s hope. Read on to explore this guide on picking out the right clothes for your little one today!

1. Whether or Not You Know the Gender

Whether or not you know the gender can impact what outfits you pick from companies such as Hanna Andersson. For parents who haven’t given birth yet, you might want to either wait on buying the different types of baby clothes or pick out gender-neutral outfits. 

Gender-neutral outfits tend to come in colors such as green, yellow, etc. This can apply to different toys and accessories as well. 

2. Adjustable Clothing

Smart mothers will tell you that you’ll want adjustable clothing for your little one no matter their age. Since children are always growing, that little dress you might love they’ll outgrow in a month. 

Look for adjustable clothing when you head into the store. That’ll help you to save your money instead of buying clothing that won’t last. Even if it’ll cost you more initially, it’ll save you more in the long run. 

3. Avoid Fancy Outfits

While you’ll want the best newborn clothing, avoid buying fancy outfits since your child might only wear them once. They tend to be more expensive as well. 

Instead, only buy fancy outfits for special occasions only. If you’re going to have more than one child, consider having more gender-neutral attire available. 

4. Understand Sizing

Newborn clothing can last from 0-3 months. Keep in mind that sometimes babies will be much larger than newborn clothing. 

If you see a size 000, that’s for babies 0-3 months. Babies 3-6 months normally fit into a size 00. 

Keep in mind that the size can vary based on the manufacturer or the type of clothing. Do a comparison of the clothing to other garments that you have. Since babies grow quickly, it might be the best option to buy a few outfits as possible in each size. 

You’ll want to have: 

  • 3 tops
  • 6 jumpsuits
  • 6 singlets
  • 2 jackets for winter babies
  • 2 jumpsuits for sleep
  • Cotton hats
  • Some socks
  • An infant sleeping bag
  • 3 cotton bunny rugs

5. Blanket Sleepers

Many parents are choosing blanket sleepers instead of blankets. This is a safer choice as well. Choose 2-3 of these for your baby. 

6. Choose Comfort

Pick cotton and light clothing that’s breathable and comfortable for your child. Avoid clothing that’s synthetic and can be an irritant to their skin. Comfort should always come before style, especially if you don’t want a fussy baby!

7. Choose Simple

Don’t go overboard with accessories and outfits for your child. Instead, choose outfits that don’t have a crazy amount of buttons or ribbons.

Simple comfort will also be safer as well. Be sure to remove all tags before you let your child wear their new outfits. 

8. Size Up

It’s a good idea to choose one size above what your child is. This will allow you to know that they’ll have clothing for the future. Keep the different seasons in mind as well. 

9. Shop Sales

Choose clothing for the coming months. While you’re picking out outfits in advance, think about the months that are coming up. Even if you go to expensive stores, there should be a sales rack area. 

10. Durability

Choose darker-colored outfits for your baby since they might get food on them. Dark-colored clothing will hide the food better than lighter clothing. 

When you can, go with organic material since it’s more durable. This also means fewer chemicals in the clothing as well. 

11. Choose Chemical-Free Clothing

Some clothing might contain toxic chemicals. Formaldehyde is added to make sure that it’s shrink and wrinkle-free.

PFCs can make the clothing stain and waterproof. All of these chemicals can be toxic for your child. 

These chemicals can lead to allergic reactions for your child. Dangerous side effects can include hormone disruption, cancer, immune and neurological effects, and reproductive toxicity. 

12. Pick Mittens

Even in the summer, you’ll want mittens for your newborn. These will help to ensure that your baby doesn’t scratch themselves. For mittens that they can pull off, pick onesies that buckle your baby’s hands. 

13. Avoid Buttons

Avoid buttons since they can be a choking hazard for your baby. Avoid strings and fringe since they can cause strangulation. 

Wash Clothes

All outfits that you pick out from the store, wash them before you dress your baby in them. The different allergens and irritants in the store can cause a reaction to your baby’s skin.

Choose an unscented detergent that you can use for your baby to keep them safe from irritants. Instead of having to do a special wash, use the detergent for the whole family.

How To Pick the Best Baby Clothes

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of what to expect when it comes to picking out the best baby clothes. Take your time picking out your child’s clothes, and consider hand-me-downs from family and friends.

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