Your wardrobe in the workplace environment should always depict professionalism. This is because your coworkers, bosses, and customers often gauge your competence based on how you dress. One look at how you have dressed should be enough to make them feel comfortable interacting and working closely with you. Remember that your outfit should not be provocative and distracting in any way. A good example is an office jumpsuit. So how can you achieve that professional look at your workplace?

Outlined below are some useful tips for dressing perfectly for work.


1. Your Clothes

All your work clothes should fit perfectly and never be revealing. Avoid distracting clothes that are too tight, too loose, see-through or inappropriately cut such as with high slits, low top blouse and so on. Always dress to impress and not to be the eye candy.  Remember that you are always sending a message with your look and the message should always be positive and about your capability as a professional.

2. The Perfect Skirt

Your skirt should be the right length and fit. It should extend to your knees and fully cover your thighs when you sit down. Longer skirts that are below the knees can also be perfect if they are not billowing or too narrow that they make your movement uncomfortable. As for the slits on the skirt, they should never increase the view of your legs.  When it comes to the color of your skirt, choose darker colors because they are usually the safest and very professional-looking for the office environment.

3. The Right Dress

You can wear a dress to work especially during warmer weather, but it should always be the right length and fit. Just like the skirt, your dress should extend to the knee. Wearing long and flowing dresses is not appropriate because you might look as if you are attending a dinner. You can try to wear a formal jumpsuit.

Your dress should never be backless, never have spaghetti straps and absolutely no plunging necklines.  On the other hand, your dress can be short-sleeved, long-sleeved or sleeveless. As for the colors, neutral and solid colors such as black, grey, navy and brown should be your best bet. You can wear a slip under your dress for warmer and prevention of skin chaffing.

4. A Hosiery with Your Skirt or Dress

You can wear hosiery with your dress or skirt especially during cold weather. Your hosiery should have no patterns, and neither should it have bright colors because a high contrast between your outfit and hosiery is inappropriate. In short, your hosiery should be plainly styled.  If you are a conservative woman, sheer should be your best option. You can also go for dark-colored hosiery that matches your shoes or outfit. With great-looking hosiery, you will no doubt emit professional vibes that will work to your advantage.

5. The blouse and shirt with your blazer.

Look for a blouse or shirt color that coordinates perfectly with your suit and it should never be too tight or low cut with your cleavage showing. Your blouse shouldn’t be see-through.  If you don’t want to wear a blouse, a tailored knit sweater or casual sweaters womens could also be a great option.

Consider the quality of the fabric of your blouse, shirt or sweater. Think cotton, silk, or blends. Steer clear of velvets or shimmery fabrics that are better for parties. You can check out this amazing womens blouse sale on one of our favourite online destinations Ninacloak.

6. Your Shoes

Consider wearing either heels or pumps and never sandals, stilettos, platforms, flat-soled shoes or one of those chunky heels. All your footwear should be made of leather, microfiber or fabric.  The heels and pumps should all be closed-toe and your heels should not be more than 4 inches.  Make sure you are comfortable walking in your shoes because hobbling in uncomfortable shoes makes you look clumsy and unprofessional. To look even more spot-on, consider matching the color of your shoes with your purse or handbag.

7. Your business casual attire

Business casual is a little different from business formal. The same rules apply when you go casual because casual does not in any way mean unprofessional.  The low-top blouses, high-slit skirts, and too-tight dresses are still considered inappropriate. The attire remains the same as business formal with the difference only being in the shoes and maybe brighter colors for the formal outfits.

8. Jewelry and Make-up

As you consider what jewelry to wear, remember to be conservative and tasteful. Things like anklets, choker necklaces or dangle earrings should not be part of your look. Opt for studs that aren’t colorful and keep your piercings only on the ear lobe area and not higher up the ear. Apply your make-up sparingly to avoid looking tacky and unprofessional.

9. Hairstyle

Remember to wear your hair professionally.  When you have long hair hold it in place in a bun or ponytail to avoid a messy look. If you must dye your hair, keep off the extreme colors or extreme styling to avoid looking distracting and unprofessional.

10. The Bag

You can carry a tote bag to carry your documents and other items that you need for work. If you have a purse, you can keep it small enough to fit in your tote bag too in order to avoid carrying two bags. Look for a neutral-colored bag for a more professional look.

After getting your dressing right, remember to present yourself in a professional way.  Talk and act like the true professional that you are. Keep your cologne mild and avoid any of those potent scents that can be a distraction and annoying to your coworkers and customers.  Cover up any tattoos and don’t wear jewelry on piercings that are not on your ears.

If you are going to wear a scarf or hat, make sure it is conservative and of the highest quality for the best effect.

Now that you know how you should dress, go out there and shop for the appropriate clothing. Go to work comfortably knowing every hair is in place and your outfit is appropriate. Be the professional that you are not only in your work performance but in your dressing too.


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How To Dress Perfectly For Work

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