When you think of luxury watches, Seiko is the first name that comes to mind. The Japanese watch company has been in business since 1881 and specializes in creating luxury quartz and mechanical watches. Seiko is a renowned global brand and as such has been the official timekeeper of several Olympic games such as the ones held in Tokyo, Barcelona, Nagano, Lillehammer, and Salt Lake city. Did you know Seiko was the first to create the automatic alarm watch?

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing these luxurious watches, one among them being Jenson Button, the Formula One racer who was the brand ambassador for Seiko watches between 2006 and 2008.? Another celebrity who has been seen wearing Seiko on his wrist is space explorer Richard Garriott. He wore his Seiko watch during a space adventure in 2008, where he tested the watch in outer space when he travelled to the International Space Station. This was also the first watch ever to be designed specifically for use in outer space.


Hollywood has been a big Seiko fan for quite some time. Cult classic ‘Back to the Future’? featured the Seiko A826 Training timer watch as seen on actor Christopher Lloyd, who played the character of Doctor Emmett Brown. ‘Twilight’ actress Kristen Stewart is a Hollywood starlet who is often spotted wearing her favorite Seiko watch. She was spotted wearing a simple brown leather strap model, the SJB880 for women, with a matching brown front on the red carpet. Another Academy award nominated actress, Sigourney Weaver was seen wearing a Seiko watch in the iconic movie ‘Alien’.

Interestingly, another Hollywood production that involved aliens hiding in the jungle, ‘Predator’, saw the lead actor Arnold Schwarzenegger sporting a Seiko H558-5000. Ed Baldwin starred in a movie called ‘The Abyss’ which follows a group of scientists as they explore the deepest parts of the ocean and find that aliens have landed there. Baldwin wore a Seiko 6309 in the movie, a model that was aimed especially at divers going into water and later re-built to withhold in depths of up to 200 meters underwater.

The Seiko Lord range was created especially for the Indian market and this model is a stunning one. This timepiece is the perfect blend of daily wear durability and stylish good looks. The leather strap makes it great for daily wear and it will look just as great with a business suit as it will with a pair of jeans and a polo t-shirt. The two-tone rose gold casing gives it an understated elegance.? Seiko watches are renowned for being sturdy and luxurious time pieces that guarantee technological finesse. The Lord watch is no different and comes with chronograph technology that brings together the best of performance and functionality.


In 2012, Seiko launched its range of watches called Ananta that were inspired by the ancient art of Japanese sword making.? As far as technically advanced watches are concerned, the Seiko Astron is a horological marvel. The watch runs on a quartz system, which was developed by Seiko in 1969, thereby revolutionizing the watch industry globally. Seiko was also the first in the world to create the Quartz wall clocks, which were released in 1968.


The very first Seiko Quartz Astron was released in 1969 and this model was released around 2013. It used Global Positioning System (GPS) to identify the exact time in your area within 30 seconds, or even less. The watch is built in such a way that the GPS device doesnt drain the battery as is commonly found in mobile phones today. The time accuracy for this phenomenal Seiko watch is 1 second lost in 100,000 years. The sapphire crystal cover means it’s scratch-resistant as well and is highly durable under water at a depth of up to 100 meters.

Another luxurious watch that stands out among the array of dazzling Seiko watches on Ethos Watches is the Seiko Premier that comes in a rose gold coating and a mechanical perpetual calendar that is powered by the movement of your body. The stunning model also features the world’s smallest ultra-sonic motor and comes with a calendar that can tell the exact date, even taking into account leap years, with the help of a photo sensor that can recognize a mark on the gears of the watch. If you decide to stop wearing this watch, it will automatically go into ‘Sleep’ mode, thereby saving energy until the watch is worn again. The fascinating part about this watch is that it can tell when you are wearing it thanks to the Kinetic Auto-Relay technology that is powered by your movements.


This watch is stunning to look at, thanks to the deep blue shade of its leather strap as well as the round face in shades of blue and rose gold.

What differentiates a luxury timepiece from a mass-produced model is the excellent craftsmanship that goes into creating each watch. Along with producing some of the most technologically advanced models, Seiko watches never fail to dazzle in their design. Seiko has been producing some of the finest watches in the world for decades and is at the forefront of high technology creations including the highest accuracy wristwatch in the world. Seiko is one of the few global watch brands that have remained true to their roots even today. Each piece is polished in a Japanese style called the ‘zaratsu’ technique, which is derived from the traditional Japanese fine art of sword polishing, a technique called ‘togishi’. Seiko watches are also among the rare few in the world that are adjusted to not five but six positions with the aim of compensating for gravity. An investment in Seiko watches will be cherished for a lifetime.

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