How important is it to pick sunglasses according to face shape?

Picking sunglasses for your face shape is not a hard and fast rule, but it can be helpful in finding a pair that flatters your features and enhances your overall appearance. Here’s why it can be beneficial:

1. Flattering Look: Sunglasses that complement your face shape can enhance your natural features and create a more balanced and harmonious look. By choosing frames that work well with your face shape, you can highlight your best features and create a more appealing aesthetic.

2. Face Proportion and Balance: Different face shapes have varying proportions and angles. Selecting sunglasses that align with your face shape can help create a sense of balance by counteracting or complementing the existing angles and curves of your face. This can result in a more pleasing and proportionate appearance.

How to Pick Sunglasses According to Your Face Shape?


3. Personal Style: Sunglasses are not only functional but also serve as a fashion accessory. Picking a style that suits your face shape can help you express your personal style and enhance your overall outfit. It allows you to feel confident and comfortable in your sunglasses, knowing that they complement your unique facial structure.

4. Comfort and Fit: Considering your face shape when choosing sunglasses can also help ensure a better fit and comfort. Certain frame shapes and sizes may sit more comfortably on specific face shapes, reducing the need for constant adjustments or discomfort during extended wear.

While selecting sunglasses based on face shape can be helpful, it’s important to remember that personal preference and individual style should always take priority. Ultimately, you should wear sunglasses that make you feel confident and comfortable, regardless of whether they align perfectly with your face shape guidelines.

How to determine your face shape?

Determining your face shape can be done by following these general steps:

1. Start with a clean face: Pull your hair back and ensure your face is free from any obstructions like bangs or long hair that may affect the accuracy of the assessment.

2. Stand in front of a mirror: Use a well-lit area and stand in front of a mirror that allows you to see your entire face clearly.

3. Observe the length and width: Take note of the overall length and width of your face. Pay attention to the proportions of different areas, such as your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.

4. Identify key features: Look for specific features that are characteristic of different face shapes. These include the forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin.

5. Compare your observations: Compare your face to the common face shape descriptions to determine which category your face shape falls into. The most common face shapes are oval, round, square, heart, oblong, and diamond.

Here’s a brief description of each face shape:

  • Oval: Your face length is greater than the width, and your forehead is slightly wider than your jawline. Your face tapers slightly towards the chin, with soft, curved lines.
  • Round: Your face has equal length and width, with soft, curved lines. Your cheekbones are generally the widest part of your face.
  • Square: Your face has equal length and width, with a strong and angular jawline. Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all similar in width.
  • Heart: Your forehead is wider than your cheekbones, and your cheekbones are wider than your narrow, pointed chin. Your face may have a slight taper towards the chin.
  • Oblong: Your face is longer than it is wide, with fairly straight lines. Your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are generally similar in width.
  • Diamond: Your face is widest at the cheekbones and tapers towards both the forehead and jawline. Your chin may be slightly pointed.
How to Pick Sunglasses According to Your Face Shape?


Remember, these are general guidelines, and individual face shapes can vary. Your face shape is just one aspect to consider when choosing hairstyles, glasses, or other accessories, and personal style and preference should also be taken into account.

How to pick sunglasses according to your face shape?

Choosing sunglasses that complement your face shape can enhance your overall look and bring out your best features. Here’s a guide on how to pick sunglasses based on different face shapes:

1. Oval Face Shape: Lucky you! Oval faces are versatile and suit most sunglasses styles. You should look for sunglasses that are wider than the broadest part of your face. You can experiment with different frame shapes like aviators, cat-eye, rectangular, or round frames.

How to Pick Sunglasses According to Your Face Shape?


2. Round Face Shape: To balance the softness of a round face, opt for sunglasses with angular or geometric frames. Square, rectangular, or wayfarer-style sunglasses can help add definition and structure to your face. Avoid round or oversized frames that may further round out your face.

3. Square Face Shape: Choose sunglasses with rounded or curved frames to soften the angles of a square face. Look for aviators, round, or oval-shaped frames. Avoid square or boxy frames that may exaggerate the sharpness of your features.

How to Pick Sunglasses According to Your Face Shape?


4. Heart Face Shape: Balance a heart-shaped face by choosing sunglasses with wider bottoms and narrower tops. Cat-eye, round, or aviator-style sunglasses can work well. Steer clear of oversized frames that may overwhelm your face shape.

5. Oblong Face Shape: Opt for sunglasses that add width and break up the length of an oblong face. Look for oversized frames, square frames, or wraparound styles. Avoid narrow frames that may elongate your face further.

6. Diamond Face Shape: Choose sunglasses that highlight your cheekbones and soften the angles of your face. Look for oval, cat-eye, or rimless frames. Avoid oversized or top-heavy frames that may make your face look wider.

Remember, these guidelines are meant to serve as a starting point, and personal style and preference should always be taken into account. Trying on different styles and experimenting with various frames can help you find the sunglasses that make you feel confident and stylish.


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How to Pick Sunglasses According to Your Face Shape?

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