The phone makes the man. Or woman.

Well, not really. But in a world where just about everything can be customised, everything you own becomes a personal statement. The colours you choose, the pattern you pick, the design you opt for, are all representative of who you are. Customise your mobile phone covers to suit your personality!


1.The Fair Lady

Do you like soft pastels? Are florals the best thing in prints forever? Well then, your style is as ladylike as it gets.

Soft pink, peach and mint are fantastic colours for your phone cover. When it comes to prints, your best bet is with those that are inspired by nature, but you could also experiment with stripes as well. Make sure your phone is dressed up as elegantly as you are!

  1. The Artist

If artsy and vibrant describes you perfectly, then thats what your phone cover should be! Get tribal prints, watercolour artwork, mosaics, or abstract prints on your phone cover to reflect your creative self.

  1. The Perks Of Being A Hipster

Weve all got a little bit of a free-spirit in us and we shouldnt hide it. Be as bohemian as you like with quirky art and quotes on your phone covers. Coffee cups, vintage cameras and telephones, inspirational quotes, and the Keep Calm series of covers are perfect for celebrating the hipster in you.

  1. Guardians Of The Phone

Nerds unite! With Marvel and DC flooding our screens with superhero movies, fandom merchandise is easier to find than ever before. From Harry Potter to your favourite tv shows, there is no end to the kind of phone cases available to fans. You can have your pick of superheroes to protect your phone- be it Batman, Superman or the Guardians of the Galaxy.

  1. Can A Phone Wear Prada?

Well, maybe not. But there is no dearth of phone covers that declare you as an unapologetic diva. Rhinestones, animal prints, bags, and shoes all advertise you as high-maintenance, and why not? You like it that way!

Now that you know what your phone can say about you (theres more to it that just your phone covers), make the right impression with the perfect phone cover!

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