Hi girls! I always wanted to have beautiful and big eyes like Sri Devi but my eyes are not as beautiful as her eyes. So it sometimes become very necessary for me to highlight my eyes with correct and beautiful makeup so that they will look more attractive and charming J and also I believe in highlighting my lips and eyes and have minimal and elegant makeup. I hate overdoing makeup as it may make you look like a part of some RAMLEELA or DRAMA
show. lol.. Jokes apart, today l am going to talk about an eye lash curler from Oriflame. This is my first post in makeup tool category and I am much excited too
JI have bought this eyelash curler from Oriflame through a consultant at my work place as it seemed to be quite affordable and I have heard a lot about this one. When I purchased this one, it was coming under some scheme or say purchased it at a discounted rate at around INR 129 but now its price has increased and its now sold for INR 179.


Now let’s come to the review:

What Does The Product Claim

Get dazzling lashes in only a few seconds with this easy-to-use lash curler that doesn’t crease lashes. Use it before applying mascara for longer and prettier lashes. Made of nickel-free alloy. With burgundy rubber handles. 11x4cm.


Price: INR 179


  • Affordable.
  • Grip has a Rubber coating which is pretty smooth on fingers.
  • Its soft purple rubber looks make it really feminine and girlish.
  • Easy to use.


It can be purchased only from an Oriflame consultant.


My Experience with Oriflame Eyelash Curler:

I liked its simple girlish looks. It’s easy to use and very affordable too. Before using this eye lash curler I have never used any eye lash curler so I was a bit confused and worried whether to buy or not to buy this eye lash curler because I have heard that eye lash curlers hurt your eyes and may weaken the roots of your eyelids. But trust me, if you use eyelash curler carefully then it will surely make your eyes looks more sexy, beautiful and glamorous and this eyelash
curler is no exception. Do not use it when you are in hurry as you may hurt yourself (it has happen with me some time so proper care should be taken in this regard). The right and proper way to use this one is to simply put your eyelashs between the mouth of the eyelash curler where your eye lashes have curves and then press the handle gently.



Will I purchase it Again?

Most definitely, this product has a good life and you may not need any other eye lash curler until and unless this one is working properly and the rubber is intact. I am using this one from the first day I have purchased and this completes my makeup look J

My Rating: 3.8/5


So Girls, do you use eye lash curler? 

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