Hello beauties! How are you doing today?? I know you all are so very excited about the upcoming Valentine’s Day. So what all plans do you have for the day?? I am sure by now you all must have decided where you will go and what all you will do the entire day. But, is your skin ready for the Valentine’s Day? What all you have done to pamper your skin so that you will look your best on V-Day? Here are few tips which will help you prepare your skin for Valentine’s DayJ.

Follow a daily skin ritual: You cannot afford to forget the cleansing, toning and moisturising ritual. Start your day with cleansing your skin, after that use a good toner and then apply a moisturiser. If you go out then don’t forget to apply a sunblock lotion and make sure that you reapply after every 3-4 hours. At the end of the day before going to bed apply a night cream which contains de-tanning agents like kojic acid, arbutin and Vitamin C.
Waxing or bleaching: In case you have a hormonal imbalance then do not wax the hair on your face, back or chest. Instead going for a whole body bleach will be a better idea that too if done with care. This will surely give you the comfort of looking hair free with a smoother skin.
Get rid of the dark circles: It is very important to tackle the most common issue of dark circles before V-Day as dark circles make you look very tired. You can seek your cosmetic physician advice to resolve the issue and can take iron supplement. Use a daily under eye gel or cream to do away with the dark circles.
Do away with the stench: Another very important thing is to keep your body and mouth odour under control. You can easily tackle this issue by taking care of small things. To do away with these you should take proper bath or better to say take bath twice a dayJ. Apply an anti-fungal powder properly on all your body folds. Use a god deodorant and antiperspirants. Other then this proper oral care is also very important. Go for proper brushing, use a mouth wash and flossing is also important.  
So gals this is it for now, hope your all have a wonderful Valentine’s DayJ.
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